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Postgame Quotes: Suns at Nets, February 28, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Channing Frye

Steve Nash

Avery Johnson

Brook Lopez

Deron Williams

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“That’s ridiculous, that’s the worst basketball game I’ve seen down the stretch. That was horrible. We are lucky as anything to win the game to tell the truth and be honest with you. Channing (Frye) made a big shot for us and we were able to come away with the win. To play that way down the stretch, being up five with a minute to go and having the ball with the way we executed, that was not a playoff team. Not if we’re going to be executing down the stretch like that. I’m ecstatic that we won a game especially with Deron (Williams) playing the way he did. You can see he’s going to be a great player for these guys and it’s just a matter of them coming together and stuff like that. We have to do a much better job down the stretch. The only thing that saved us was Channing made that big shot.”


Suns forward Channing Frye

“This is extremely humbling. They did a good job with holding me all night, not leaving me. We had guys that stepped up in the second half, especially in the last minute of the game, we need to play better. We need to do better at closing out games at regulation. The Nets hit big shots. Anthony (Morrow) hit big shots. Kris (Humphries) got on the glass and did a great job tonight. We just need to closeout, but I shot it and it went in. To be honest I’m not really nervous about the last second shot. We got a win that we really needed. We just need to play better at the end of the games. We were up seven points with a minute to go, we need to win that game in regulation.”


Suns guard Steve Nash

“I made a mistake at the foul line. I thought we were going to foul, Williams was bringing up the ball and we had a foul to give. It went longer and longer and I didn’t hear a foul called. As I looked the ball came out of the crowd to him, I tried to foul him as he caught it, and I actually did. It was kind of ticky tack. They were probably going to call it an And-1 and Morrow’s going to get a four-point play. I was just trying to stop him from shooting and it was my mistake.”

(On Deron Williams)
“Deron (Williams) is one of the best players in the game. For this franchise to get him it’s going to be huge for their future. It’s going to be big for the area having a star like that to build around.” (On the game)


Nets Head Coach Avery Johnson

“The play with Frye (Channing Frye), you know it’s something that we went over and we just kind of missed the switch and hopefully next time we’ll just execute better defensively. We knew what they were going to run, Frye (Channing Frye) made the same basic shot from a different area on the floor against Indiana and we just didn’t get it executed. We showed it to the guys after the game and they felt real bad but they don’t feel as bad as I do for them because they really battled tonight. What a game tonight, disappointed that we came up on the losing end, disappointed that Deron’s (Williams) shot didn’t go and Humphries (Kris Humphries) tip, just we missed the tip by a tenth of a second and it would have been a story-book ending for Deron’s (Williams) shot to go down for us. They trapped him, he beat the trap and made a strong move to the basket and the ball just rolled, his shot, rolled out and then Humphries (Kris Humphries) shot went in but just a tenth of a second too late.”


Nets center Brook Lopez

(On the ending)
“They ran a good play a possession before it but I missed the switch. That’s definitely on me, Hump (Kris Humphries) got screened and I missed the switch but we came back and Deron (Williams) got a look. Hump (Kris Humphries) was right there crashing the boards the way he does. I thought it was good, I thought it was good, I’ll go to the grave thinking that.”

(On the way they kept fighting back)
“I think we’re just starting to mesh each and every game. Our defense was definitely there tonight and I thought we played pretty well against the Suns. I think I looked up in the beginning of the 4th quarter and they might have had 74 points or something. That’s a pretty good job on them.”

(On Kris Humphries’ play against his brother)
“It was exciting. Those are both guys who bring their lunch pails and their hard hats. They play hard every second they’re in, so obviously when those two go at each other, some exciting stuff is about to happen.”


Nets guard Deron Williams

(On his hand)
“I caught a knee going in through the lane somehow.”

(On if there is swelling on his hand)
“A little bit. I’ll be all right, I’ve got three days.”

(If he thought the final shot was good)
“Yeah, that’s why I asked, I kept asking if it was good. I didn’t know. I hoped it was.”

(On his last shot)
“The play was to give me kind of a fake pick-and-roll and then let me iso. They ran two guys at me and there was really nobody open, so I had to try and create. Once I got around him, I figured time was about to expire so I had to throw up something. It probably wasn’t the shot we wanted, but I had to improvise.”

(On his first home game)
“It was good. The fans were great tonight. Still looking for a sellout but it was good and I thought they were great and we tried to get them a win, we just came up a little short.”