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Postgame Quotes: Suns at Raptors, February 25, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Steve Nash

Vince Carter

Jay Triano

Leandro Barbosa

Andrea Bargnani

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“Obviously we got off to a good start. It wasn’t so much the offence as it was I thought we did a great job defensively of kind of limiting easy baskets. They are a lot like us in that when they get in transition they seem to play a lot better. If you watch the Chicago game they were in the open court a lot. I thought we did a good job of not allowing them, early on, to get into the open court and then obviously we played great in the first quarter. When we score 35 and they score 14, then they are playing catch up the rest of the way. I thought we did a good job of controlling the game. Although Steve (Nash) didn’t shoot the ball well, you can see how he can have total control of a game without being a scorer. I thought the bench did a great job coming in and playing.”


Suns guard Steve Nash

“We expected them to play well. We expected a good performance from them, so it was a good win for us. Our defence was pretty good for the most part, we got ourselves a cushion and held on. We had a good solid first quarter and we were able to hold on to that separation and in our league that’s difficult. I think they cut it 10 maybe or so, but we were able to push the lead back up. Our second unit did a good job sustaining it.

“Tonight I didn’t play very well but I thought collectively we played well. Our defence was good for the most part. I tried to put pressure on the defence and create openings for my teammates. Sometimes my shots don’t go but my teammates did a good job finishing and making plays, I thought it was great team effort”

(On Vince Carter)
“We like to try to get him going a little bit and he seemed like he was up for it tonight. It was great to see him be aggressive and make plays and we are a good team when he does that”


Suns guard Vince Carter

(On feeling more motivated returning to Toronto)
“No just like every other time. I enjoy playing here, this is where is started for me it is like home. When you come back home you remember spots on the floor that were good to you and you try and get to those spots. Just be aggressive for the team and get us going early. It is the first game of the trip and we wanted to take advantage of that and start the trip off right and I wanted to be a part of that

(On the Raptors)
“I’m on the west coast so it is hard to really give my thoughts and this is my first time playing them all year. They have young talented guys and (Andrea) Bargnani is playing off the charts right know. That’s all you need is pieces to build on and go from there. I was right there in the beginning with Tracy (McGrady) and I, we were young coming to a team trying to build. It’s definitely possible you just have to believe in the system and continue to get better.”


Raptors Head Coach Jay Triano

(On offense)
“I think it was a confidence factor. They jumped on us early and for whatever reason we were a step slow tonight. We were slow reacting, we were slowing going to the ball on the glass and they take advantage of that. They move the ball extremely well, Steve (Nash) orchestrates things. When you’re a step slow and we get off to the start that we did, we played them even after the first quarter, but at that point our confidence was shot as well, for a lot of guys.”

(On Raptors youth)
“We try to figure this out. Is it the youth? Is part of that youth and the growing of this team feeling too good about playing a game against Chicago and thinking you can just waltz in here and play? It’s the NBA and if you are half a step slow or a half a step less prepared mentally for a game, you are going to get exploited and that happened in the first quarter.”

(On DeMar DeRozan)
“He like everybody. Amir (Johnson) didn’t seem to have the bounce, Ed (Davis) didn’t seem to have the bounce, even Jose (Calderon), DeMar was the same. A half a step slow put him into foul trouble. He gets caught whacking guys a couple of times and then he’s in foul trouble. Then he’s trying to play without fouling. Everybody cares, everybody wants to do it and they try to get back into it individually and we end up driving into traffic and picking up charges and those are more turnovers. You turn the ball over 19 times, some of them are us trying to be aggressive and trying to do the right thing, good teams are going to make you pay for that and this team hurt us tonight.”


Raptors guard Leandro Barbosa

“It was tough. They did a great job at the beginning of the game and we had a very slow start. That gave an opportunity and advantage for them. They’re a good team. They know how to play and they know how to space the floor and everything worked out pretty good for them. We couldn’t do anything. We tried to fight but it was kind of hard after you’re down 20 points it’s tough to come back. We’ve got to be patient, we’ve got another game on Sunday which is a hard one again and we’ll see what happens.”

(On team’s confidence)
"I think the confidence was high. We just didn’t start the way we wanted. That gave them a beautiful opportunity for them to score. We didn’t do a great job on the defense and that made a lot of three point shots for them and we couldn’t do anything for that."


Raptors forward Andrea Bargnani

(On first quarter)
Like the coach said, we didn’t come ready to play. We were not ready at both ends of the floor and they just took advantage. They’re a really good team on the fast break; they shoot really quick, seven or eight seconds to shoot the ball, so they were scoring. We were not ready to play, that’s it. That can’t happen.

(On confidence the rest of the game)
No they were up like 20, 21 points with 21 points in the first quarter. In our home court, that definitely affects the game.

(On team’s youth affected by loss)
That’s going to happen. Out of 82 games you’re going to have some bad games. He kept attacking the basket, that’s what he does best. He kept being aggressive, it did not work very good today but that happens to everybody. It’s normal.