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Postgame Quotes: Suns vs Hawks, Feb 23, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Jared Dudley

Mickael Pietrus

Larry Drew

Josh Smith

Al Horford

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“It was a great win against a real quality team—you know, we need that going on the road. I thought we played well. I thought that we just went through that little stretch there where we didn’t execute. I think that’s the thing I’ve talked about all year long about consistency. You know, we play well and play well and then we hit the rut where we don’t make the best of decisions and things like that—we get ourselves in trouble. But I think we bailed ourselves out.”

(On making the playoffs)
“As I said to our guys, we’re approaching this like we’re a college team and we’re trying to get into the NCAA tournament. We’ve got 27 games left and we don’t have a conference tournament, so we’ve got to have an at-large bid. The only way we’re going to do that is to have a good enough record in 28 (27) games to do that. So that’s the approach that we’re taking. ”


Suns forward Jared Dudley

“It was a good team win to start off (after) the break. We know what the task is at stake. Basically, we are a couple games back of the playoffs, home game before the road trip; we needed to come out with energy, get a win to get us going. We know what we need to do and this is a stepping stone.”

(On the team’s defense)
“Our bench was crucial second quarter. We all played well, shot the ball well, but I thought we got stops first quarter, starters and some of the bench guys, we didn’t really get stops, but in the second quarter we turned it on. I thought the key to the game was the fourth quarter, they cut it to three, I think they maybe even tied it at one point. Brought some of the starters back in and we got stops. The last four or five minutes, I don’t know what the run was, but we definitely outscored them and defensively, we got stops. ”


Suns forward Mickael Pietrus

(On the upcoming road trip)
“It feels good, but the most important (thing) for us is going to be the six game road trip, so we have to stay focused on it. Obviously we got the break, so we were a little bit sloppy, but we found a way to win the basketball game. But, the most important (thing) for us, beginning tomorrow, is the road trip.”

(On the team’s defense)
“It was very important to stay focused on the game. You know that teams in the NBA make runs, so we know right now we can trust our defense. It’s been great the last 20 games, so we are one of the best teams in the NBA defensively, so we are really going to try to keep that with us on the airplane on the road trip.”


Hawks Head Coach Larry Drew

“It’s tough to spot a team 18 points and have to fight back, especially a team like Phoenix. They shoot the ball so well, especially from the three point line. I thought we exerted a lot of energy getting back into the game. I thought our guys kind of wore down and coming off a back to back and having to play catch up basketball when you’re down 18 points is tough to do in this building. I commend our guys. I thought they fought hard there, especially at the end but we just couldn’t get over the hump.”


Hawks forward Josh Smith

(On last 5 minutes of game)
“They executed and we had the looks that we were making to get back in the game but we just couldn’t finish them. Nash is still one of the best point guards in the game, he understands the game; he’s a smart player. He knew and understood that we were switching and he took advantage of the switching.

“They just started missing. We kept helping in. I probably helped way too much early on and got Channing Frye going. He’s a great big man shooter. I think we started contesting shots and they started missing and we were able to get out and make some turnovers and get some fast break points. We just couldn’t close it out.”


Hawks center Al Horford

(On Finishing Game)
“I think they just made some key plays down the stretch and we didn’t get key stops when we needed to win. The game went their way in that case. You’ve just got to give them credit. It was one of those games, I was happy with our team’s effort in the second half and I wish we would have maintained throughout the game. We did a much better job of staying poised and playing our style of play.”