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Postgame Quotes: Suns vs Thunder - Feb 4, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Marcin Gortat

Vince Carter

Scott Brooks

Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(Opening statement)
“I was happy with the effort that we played with—I thought we did a good job. Obviously, we’ve got to do a little bit better job defensively in the fourth quarter. But, we also missed a bunch of shots that could‘ve given us a little separation or could’ve kept us right there in the game. So, as I said, I thought we played with great effort—we kept them off the line for the most part; you know, they shot half the free throws that they shot against us the last time. We just couldn’t quite get over the hump.”

(On defense)
“We had a stretch in there in the second quarter where we had done a really good job defensively, and then about a five minute—I think it was five minutes and 14 seconds—they scored 24 points. I thought that, right there, kind of gave them the rhythm that they needed. I thought we did a good job in the first quarter, really kind of controlling it, although we were up five. I thought we played hard and competed—and I can live with that.”


Suns Center Marcin Gortat

(On the game)
“I don’t think we are frustrated so bad that we can’t live with (the game). It was a tough game. I think we competed all the way to the end, but unfortunately it was hard to stop, today, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Both of these guys are really good players and we just have to execute in the end a little bit better, defend better, box out and only in this way are we going to win the game.”

(On getting to .500)
“We still got to win all these games. It was a tough game. Obviously, Oklahoma City is a very good team. I think the next two games we’ve got to really want it and I believe we can reach the positive record to go into the All-Star break. ”


Suns Guard Vince Carter

(On being patient)
“When you have a team like this, when we’re up and down from time to time, sometimes the ball just doesn’t come your way. Whatever the case may be, it’s all about patience and I have that. I said, when it’s my turn to I’m going to be aggressive and I was able to just give it tonight.”

(On getting into the playoff race)
“We still have a chance. There’s a lot of basketball left and I feel like we let this one slip for a lot of reasons, but we’re a very confident bunch. I’m happy to see the frustration here; that means these guys care, we want to win. We’re better than we are, that our record shows and we feel like we get a couple of games under our belt, get back into the playoff race and get into the playoffs, anything can happen.”


Thunder Head Coach Scott Brooks

“They’re one of the best offensive teams in basketball and they have one of the best point guards and decision makers in the game. The guy makes so many tough plays and he makes it look so easy. He puts us and the other 28 teams that play against Steve; he just does so many good things with the ball. He finds guys right on target and on time and all they have to do is lay it in. I thought we scrambled in the second half and made them make some tough shots and miss some shots. It was a good road win. This is a tough place to play. Phoenix is playing good basketball, they’re well coached and Phoenix is going to win a lot of games the rest of the year. It was a good win.”


Thunder Guard Russell Westbrook

“It was a good tough win for us against a tough team at home. We fought through. They made a run but fortunately we came with the last run and got the win. We battled; I think that was the key for us to close the game and that’s always a key for us, to close games. We know we can score with any team in the league but we have to defend. If we do that, we give ourselves opportunities to win games.”


Thunder Forward Kevin Durant

“This is a tough environment here in Phoenix and we did a good job controlling the tempo of the game. Russ did a great job, James and Jeff. I just tried to follow their lead. I think we switched our pick and roll coverage up and that was able to stop Gortat rolling to the rim. We rebounded the basketball and got some easy points. We have to have that toughness every night. From 1 through 5 everybody has to rebound. I just try to go in there and get some for my team and gut it out. I didn’t want to force anything on the offensive end. I just try to help my team as much as I can.”