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Postgame Quotes: Suns vs. Bobcats - January 26, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Vince Carter

Jared Dudley

Paul Silas

Gerald Henderson

Gerald Wallace

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“We have to do better at finishing games. The bottom line is that there was 1:17 seconds to go and we never got possession of the ball on three missed shots. We have to do a much better job finishing the game. We have to do a better job coming up with plays. We’re up 102-104 and they score on the next three of four possessions. At the end of the day you have to be able to close out games and we didn’t do that.”

(On being tougher)
“The game was won on those first two possessions not with 17 seconds left. We have to be tougher and come up with plays. We have to be able to make plays. We didn’t do that and that’s why we lost the game.”


Suns guard Vince Carter

“There were plays that we have to have. We want to get ourselves back in it every play especially at the end of the game. Every game right now is crucial for us. We have let some game slide already and we can’t let any more go. These games hurt.”

(On the season)
“We have to will ourselves to win. We need to feel good about ourselves. I think that losses like this and the last two ones are painful and we have to rise above it. Just have to think positive and have a positive attitude. We need to believe and if we believe then it will happen. I believe it will happen.”


Suns forward Jared Dudley

“We have had trouble with the Bobcats the last few years. I think Boris Diaw was a problem for us because he created a mismatch. They just did a good job of exploiting mismatches. They beat us to loose balls and on hustle plays.”

(On having a late lead)
“It’s frustrating, the score should not dictate how we play. For the most part I thought that we were just a step late on defense. On offense we missed shots that we normally make. It’s a long season, so we have to just put it behind us. ”


Bobcats Head Coach Paul Silas

“This was a huge win for us, and I played the guys a lot of minutes after playing last night, but we have a day off tomorrow and some of them aren’t going to do anything. But, this was a critical game. I told them that and I’m just happy we were able to prevail because they were shooting lights out from threes, and I just told the guys they can’t keep hitting them forever, so let’s just stay in it and I thought our pick and roll defense the second half really showed what we adjusted to because they were killing us in the first half.”


Bobcats guard Gerald Henderson

“You get to crunch time like that, they know the ball is going to come to our best players, they’re going to double team, sometimes triple team just to make sure they don’t get the shot and try to get it in other guys hands, and our guys found me and I was open and I took the shots.”


Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace

“I think his (Paul Silas) demeanor, his style, the way he coaches, he always tells us everything is alright, everything is okay, we’re doing good, we’re doing good. They’re the home team; they’re going to make a run. And I think the calmer they are, as far as the coaches, or as calm as the bench is, that makes us out on the court calmer. We didn’t panic. They made some shots, but we stuck to our principles and we kept doing what we had to do and we were able to come out with a win tonight.”