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Postgame Quotes: Suns @ Sixers - January 24, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Jared Dudley

Doug Collins

Elton Brand

Thaddeus Young

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On Sixers)
"I think they've got a really bright future. I think the separation came in the game when they went small, and Thaddeus [Young] is a tough matchup at four for us. Then I thought Lou [Williams] came in and did a good job of changing the game. That's where the separation took place. We couldn't take advantage of being able to throw it in to our "bigs" with smaller guys on them. They did a good job of swarming and being aggressive on the ball and stuff, and we weren't able to handle that. We've got to do a better job in that department right there. Then, once again, we give up 30 points on our turnovers. You've got no chance to win a game in the NBA if you give up 30 points on turnovers. That's 54 the last two games. Obviously that's an area of immediate concern. You give up almost 30 percent of a team's points on your turnovers. Once again, we're talking almost a third of their points. You can't do that and expect to win."

"We have to do a better job of protecting the ball. It's just the bottom line. We're not going to be able to win very many games if we're giving up 24 and 30 points off of our turnovers. There's no way that you can defend a turnover. You just can't do it. I don't care how good your defense is, if you turn the ball over, usually they're going to run down and have numbers. They're either going to get fouled or get a layup or going to get a pretty good shot. When you give up 30 points on your turnovers, that's the reason teams shoot 54 percent against you. Then if you go back and look, you got points in the paint and then they're going to have a ton of points in the paint because most of those, in transition, are going to be layups right at the basket."


Suns forward Jared Dudley

"They were scoring on the turnovers. Their confidence got the crowd going and then they took away some stuff from us, and we just didn't hit shots and they played in passing lanes, taking us out of our rhythm. For us, we can't turn the ball over as much. We need to understand what we want to execute and do that."

(On playing at the end of long road trip)
"I'm not going to give us that excuse. We needed this game pretty bad, and we just didn't come out and execute they way we should have, and they take advantage of us. It's a tough team to play at home, especially when you turn the ball over. They just get up and just...athletes up the ying-yang. It's tough, we take our hats off. They played. They won. We've just got to go home on this plane and get some rest and get ready to go."


Sixers Head Coach Doug Collins

"Another good win against a very good Western Conference team. Our whole game plan tonight was to try to keep the pressure on them, make Steve Nash work on every possession on both ends of the floor. Tried to hopefully wear he and Grant Hill out as much as possible. We know they were on the backside of a long trip.

"I thought our bench came in and was terrific. Thaddeus [Young] was our ace of spades tonight. Evan [Turner] off the bench. Evan likes to play against Phoenix. Lou [Williams] once again. Elton [Brand] did a good job in the post. I thought that Andre [Iguodala] did a great job defensively. Jrue [Holiday] was terrific playing against Steve Nash.

"My biggest concern the whole time was I did not want us to fall asleep. With a 21-point lead, let it get down to 12 with six minutes to go and then Alvin [Gentry] brings Nash back in. I wanted to keep it out of reach so he would not want to bring him back in the game. I kept urging our guys to finish the game. They went to a zone. We started standing around a little bit. We normally attack it pretty well. I think one of the things that hurt us was we had a real small lineup out there and some of the guys do not know the inside spots. We got a little bit disjointed with that but scored enough to keep them at bay. They went with a real small lineup, so basically it was like the 6'5''-and-under league in the last ten or 12 minutes of the game. We just tried to switch everything and it was a great win.

"19 wins. Two good wins here now against two good Western teams. Now we go to Toronto, and that team has beaten us twice. We have got to go in there and find a way to get a win on the road.

"The reason I did not start Spencer [Hawes] in the second half and the reason he really did not get any playing time is because they are such a small team. I was really concerned about Channing Frye coming out. I saw the Washington game the other night and they were right around tied around halftime. They hit six or seven threes in the third quarter. This was a tough game for him and Mo Speights to try and play in. I went with Thad so that we could win that third quarter and go in with a sizeable lead going into the fourth quarter. That is the reason I started Thad. He is playing so well and I wanted to ride him out there."

(On wide open offensive game)
"I like that, as long as we are doing it because we are playing defense. We were getting all of our run outs because of our defensive stops. It wasn't like they were scoring - we were scoring. We pushed it because we knew they were going to be tired. With Thad in there as a four we have got terrific speed. We were able to push the ball. I thought Jrue did a good job working all those pick-and-rolls. Our big guys did a nice job. We did a good job defending the three. They hit a couple late. They average plus-nine points at the three-point line in their wins. We knew how important that was to them. We really wanted to get out and play that."


Sixers forward Elton Brand

"We spotted them a 6-0 lead, after that, we really came together and played some great defense, passed the ball well and hit our shots."

(On wide-open offensive game)
"Yeah, you know their style of play is more up and down, fast break, spread the court a little bit and defensively that's what you're facing, and offensively, you know you can do that against them. That's what we did tonight."


Sixers forward Thaddeus Young

(On wide-open offensive game)
"It's great. It feels good to go out there and be able to knock down shots and help the team win basketball games. "

(On playing with Lou Williams and Evan Turner)
"It's big for this team. Any time you have three guys coming off the bench in double figures, it's big. It's one of the main things coach writes on his clip board before each game: "Bench has to win the game for us." Our bench is one of the toughest in the league."