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Postgame Quotes: Suns @ Knicks, January 17, 2011

Alvin Gentry

Steve Nash

Vince Carter

Mike D'Antoni

Raymond Felton

Amar'e Stoudemire

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“At our place they shot the ball extremely well and we didn’t. They had something to do with that but with this team you have to keep them from getting separation. If you can keep the game close then you can do a good job. I think we concentrated so much on Amar’e (Stoudemire) and we let everyone else open at our place. Today we decided to play it straight up. I thought we did a better job of throwing it inside and forcing them to switch.

“We don’t have all of the chemistry that I think we will eventually have. One thing is that these guys work really hard to get that chemistry. We play just like they play down the hall. We were really successful playing the way Mike (D’Antoni) plays so I don’t see a reason to change it.”


Suns guard Steve Nash

“I am not sure we fixed anything. We are just competing more and not dropping our heads when things go our way. We are finding a way to fight.”

“I don’t like to think of things as retribution or pay back but it didn’t feel good to get smashed at home so this was a rewarding win today.”

(On playing with Vince Carter)
“It is not hard to play with him…he is a great player. I am trying to get him as many easy looks as his can get so he can get his confidence and his legs. He made some tough plays for us today.”


Suns guard Vince Carter

(On playing with the Phoenix Suns)
“It is a different style of play…it is up and down basketball. It is just different what teams play on the West Coast. It is just an adjustment.”

(On today’s game)
“My shot was falling. I just wanted to be aggressive. They beat us pretty good last time. That was one of my first games there and I feel like I can give this team more. My aggressiveness has gone up because of it.

“We built a comfortable lead and we knew they were going to make a run. We just wanted to sustain and be aggressive as well.”


Knicks Head Coach Mike D'Antoni

“There at the end we made a couple of really bad plays. For whatever reason, we over-rotated and were out of position. Those things will happen…we are young. We came out again not fired up and focus. I just think we had a little bit of a mental letdown and it is regrettable. We will be back. This definitely should be a wakeup call.”

(More on today’s game)
“You get to a point…you get back home in the comforts of Madison Square Garden and we think we are really good and we are not. We are a team that played hard to get what we got and not we are playing soft to get back to maybe where we should be. It will change. These guys are good guys…they will understand the mistakes they make and will rectify.”

(On Steve Nash, Vince Carter and Grant Hil)
“It doesn’t amaze me…they are good. They have been good. They had a great game.”

(On Amar’e Stoudemire’s technical foul)
“I think he is fine. I have been around Amar’e a long time…he can control it and hopefully he will. I think we will attack other problems before we attack that. We have some problems. We have to understand where we are and who we are and get back getting this thing to go quickly.”

(On Danilo Gallinari)
“I thought he played okay tonight. A couple of times he might not have been shot sharp but it is good he is coming back.”


Knicks guard Raymond Felton

(On the team’s energy level today)
“Someway somehow we have to have that. Everybody that is on the bench to the starting five. We have to come out with a mental focus and be ready to play from the beginning. We are not the type of the team where we can take off quarters or take off the early part of the game and then try to win at the end of the game. We can’t do that.”


Knicks forward Amar'e Stoudemire

“We didn’t quite play with enthusiasm. We didn’t bring energy we needed. We didn’t play smart defensively. We let them get off to a great start. When you let a team that really wants to win get hot it is going to be hard to stop….they were hot throughout the whole game.

“The second unit did a great job…they supplied energy on both ends of the court. The first unit didn’t play as well as we should have. I think we have to understand that we haven’t done anything yet as far as winning. We have won a few games but we are still trying to get better. Being four games over .500 is nothing to be satisfied about.

“They did the exact same thing in Phoenix. I think the one thing we didn’t do was communicate defensively. We let them get open shots. We didn’t rotate defensively. We can’t afford to give teams confidence and we can’t afford to lose games like we did today.” (On the season)
“It is a long year and it is only the first half of the season so we can’t get comfortable with the winning so far. We have to understand that we have to give the effort especially defensively

“Four games over .500 is unacceptable. We had a chance to take advantage of our situation and we didn’t. Now we have a tough road trip ahead of us.”