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Postgame Quotes: Suns vs. Sixers - Dec 29, 2010\

Alvin Gentry

Steve Nash

Marcin Gortat

Doug Collins

Jrue Holiday

Evan Turner

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“I guess the most disappointing thing is that—as I said to the guys—we spent so much time working on our defense and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I’m not real sure why because I think we play extremely hard in practice. We do a good job there (but) we just can’t seem to take it from there to game situations. There’s not anything that we’re going to stop doing—we’re going to continue to work at it. It’s a disappointing loss. It’s not the end of our season.”


Suns guard Steve Nash

“It’s frustrating. We’re losing, we’re not playing well defensively, we’re practicing our defense and it’s not carrying over to the game, and it’s frustrating, so we got to fight through it. We’ve got to test ourselves, our mental strength and our emotional commitment everyday and try to bring it and get better and not let it get to us.”


Suns center Marcin Gortat

“I just think we have to be at the gym everyday for three hours and just learn the rotations, learn everything from the beginning. There are so many things we are doing bad and I just can’t find an explanation. I’m trying to get some rebounds and stops, but unfortunately there aren’t very many opportunity for me to get rebounds.”


Sixers Head Coach Doug Collins

“Needless to say, that was incredibly gratifying. I’m not used to those kinds of games. At halftime, I told our coaches I felt like a car going downhill without brakes. The Suns are so good at playing that game and I was so concerned about us being able to play that way for 40 minutes. We got a handle on them a little bit in the second half.

“I love the spirit of my guys, so much camaraderie. The Suns are a tough team to play here. When Steve Nash has that ball he’s a magician. We finally got a few stops and a little separation. It was a great win.”


Sixers guard Jrue Holiday

“Coach came in a halftime and said we aren’t really the team to run with them like that but we stayed with them. This was a fast paced game, a high scoring game. He (Evan) was being a lot more aggressive. After he hit his first couple of shots he got really confident. He was definitely taking it to them, knocking down big jump shots. He had a swag, his swag was coming back.“


Sixers forward Evan Turner

“The team talked to me earlier and said I just needed to step up and I was just looking for my own shot a little bit. I was trying to attack and that was it. Sometimes when I come into the game I second think on shots. Once I focused in and I saw that first one go in it’s always a good thing. I just didn’t care and I just tried to attack, that was it.”