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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On the effect of last night’s game)

“I think it did a little bit, but then they played much better the third quarter and that’s where they got the separation and it was tough to get back. I was proud of the way we played, we didn’t quit and we battled back. We got it to eight and just couldn’t come up with a couple of stops that we needed to stay in it, but they are a great team. They have the best record in the NBA, but I was very happy with the way we played short handed. We got to make some shots; that is where they got the separation. It is very important for us to make some perimeter shots, so our spacing becomes a factor and we never really got those shots to go tonight. I thought we played really good. We did a good job on Manu, and then they had Neal come in and step up the plate. I thought we did a really good job on Tony, for the most part. The thing that is tough for us, that we cannot overcome is the offensive rebounding and turning the ball over. We gave up 27 points on turnovers. We gave up 17 offensive rebounds. When you look at the second chance points, they are not at 50 with the turnovers and second chance points. We played with great effort, we just have to do a little better job at protecting the ball and hopefully our rebounding will improve. We had to play a small team out there, so we were good offensively. Hopefully with the guys we got, we’ll go back and try to get everyone acclimated to what we are trying to do. I think Gortat, Pietrus and Vince will help. We just got to keep trying to survive and figure out what we have here. We are still a work in progress, but the last two nights I thought we played extremely hard with great effort. I think if we continue to play like that, and we’re not going to play the Spurs every night, then most of the teams we play, if we play with that kind of effort, we’ll be right in the game and have the opportunity to win.”

(On playing the Spurs)

“I thought we did a great job. We played the first half. We got down and were able to work our way back, but it caught up with us. Grant said to me, ‘I’m really sorry. I just got tired.’ I can’t ask for any better effort than what that guy gives me night in and night out. He comes back from playing last night and plays a good game tonight, and does a great job on Manu defensively. It’s just hard for us on Tim (Duncan). Tim is just smart, he is never going to rush and is so fundamentally sound, it just makes it very difficult. You have to have a really good guy to guard him in the post. I haven’t seen anyone in the last 14 years that has been able to do it.”

(On evaluating tonight due to the new team construction)

“The only thing that was important to me was the effort we played with. I thought from start to finish we really competed and played hard. We got to get better rebounding. I was a little disappointed because I thought we had a little too many breakdowns towards penetration. I thought we competed and played hard. I think when we incorporate the other guys and continue to play with that kind of effort; I think good things will happen. ”

(On the opportunity to rush the new guys)

“At the end of the day, I think them being able to get in a couple of practices with us and getting to know exactly what were going to be expecting from them will be good.”


Suns forward Jared Dudley

(On his performance in the third quarter)

“I hit a three, went to the corner and made another three as I had a rhythm. I started to get more aggressive in the second half as I began to hit jumpers. For the most part, it was all based upon their defense. They have a defense like the old Boston team, so if we keep passing the ball around, we’ll get good shots.”

(On listening to Coach Gentry’s advice on shooting more)

“Everyone has a struggle, as I had a struggle from the three-point line. For me it’s all about rhythm and timing and getting my shot down. When you play with a guy like Steve your rhythm will be down a lot faster and you will get a lot more open looks. ”


Suns guard Steve Nash

(On if the transition of teammates has affected the team)

“Of course. In a perfect world we would have picked up where we left off last season. We lost Amar'e to free agency, Robin Lopez was out most of the year, we lost Barbosa and Robinson as it’s been a lot of turnover which has been difficult. We have new guys coming in as we’re going to have to keep working.”

(On the mindset of a 8-man rotation team playing back-to-back games)

“I don’t think it was too bad, we just needed to make some shots tonight. I think tonight we had a lot of opportunities and open shots as we should’ve stretched the defense and we didn’t. We had a couple bad stretches, especially in the third quarter where we gave them a couple easy buckets and allowed them to make threes. We have to overcome that gap.”

(On what he takes from these last two games)

“I think we need to be optimistic. A lot of guys are coming in that will provide us with depth and defense as we should be a better team. The biggest thing for us is going to be our energy and spirit.”


Spurs Head Coach Greg Popovich

(The domination Spurs had in the third quarter)

“ I wouldn’t use the word domination, but Tim Duncan was really magnificent in the third quarter. He really kept us together as a group, we executed really well as he was in. I thought Gary Neal throughout the game was outstanding. We don’t win the game without Gary Neal playing for us. Timmy being as solid as he was in the third quarter and Gary playing the way he was, I thought the game was really important.”

(Being impressed by Gary Neal being able to take shots)

“ If he didn’t do that then he would be playing some place else, that what he does that’s his major skill and he knows that, if you don’t see him shoot then that’s when you should be surprised.”

(Talking to Gary Neal about taking the ball and scoring)

“No that’s a little bit too much. You have to play with your teammates; I want him to be aggressive and not shy away from shooting shots. Id rather tell him once in a while that perhaps there was a bad shot here or there, then beg him to shoot.”

(How the team turned it around the second half)

“I thought we became much more aggressive just in general. We shot three free throws in the first half and I think we ended up with thirty. It’s a sign of much more aggressiveness and that’s what we needed to have. I think we settled at seventeen threes in the first half, that’s not who we are. We tried to play like Phoenix. When you do that they’re definitely better than the rest of us in the league, if you want to make that a contest.”

(Seeing the best of DeJuan)

“A young player can do that but I thought his effort was great. He did a lot of good things on the court. He got a little bit fired up and that’s how you learn. It will be a great learning experience for him.”


Spurs forward Richard Jefferson

(On the Suns trying to make a comeback in the third quarter)

“They ended the quarter very well at halftime as they also ended it very well in the third. They’re a team that consistently puts pressure on you as well as your defense. Even though we had a good third quarter, they still cut our lead to eight points or so.”

(On if the Suns playing with a short roster affected them tonight)

“No, they are a well-conditioned team. If you look at the history of the Phoenix Suns, they always play their guys big minutes whether Grant Hill, Steve Nash or others. They’re used to playing their guys in the high thirty’s, especially when they play back-to-back games. Those guys are in great shape as you can’t put 110 points every single night and not be.”


Spurs guard Tony Parker

(On the Suns performance in the second half)

“As far as our defense, we had a great third quarter. In the fourth quarter, for whatever reason, they were making shots and getting inside our defense. They played great and were making shots.”

(What was the idea for playing the starters so much in the second half?)

“Timmy was rolling and they had no one that could stop him. Timmy was getting easy baskets and was giving baskets to everybody. Gary Neal got most of those open shots because of him as Timmy was passing the ball and playing great.”

(On if they played perfect so far this season)

“I’m not going to complain, but hopefully we can keep it going. Maybe down the road, we might lose a close game as when that time comes, we will have to just keep pounding on that rock and keep playing hard. ”