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Postgame Quotes: Suns @ Warriors, 12/2/2010

Head Coach Alvin Gentry

Jason Richardson

Grant Hill

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Head Coach Alvin Gentry

On Monta Ellis:

He is so hard to guard in the open court, he really is as good as anyone in the league. We even tried to give our defenders some help guarding him and then he found some open guys for three, so ultimately we just decided to stay home. He scored some points and keyed their run in the third, but overall I’m happy with our performance.

On Hedo Turkoglu:

He has been playing good off the bench and we have to be patient with him because we are asking him to play a position he has never played before. He is now playing against power forwards that like to bang against him and guys like David Lee are tough to guard. But, he wants to help the team and we need to put him in a position so that he can be successful.

On Jason Richardson:

He has been solid for us and shooting the ball great. There have been a couple of stretches this season where he has not shot the ball particularly well, but he shot well tonight. He has really worked hard on defense and as I said last year, he had his best year as a pro. He was great in the playoffs, but his defense has improved dramatically. Plus, he plays well when he comes back here, which is nice.


Jason Richardson

On Coming Back to Oracle Arena:

“I played here for six years. There’s a familiarity here for me. I had some good times here, so it’s always fun to come back and play here. Just being here with the energy, it’s a great atmosphere to play basketball in.”

On The First Quarter:

“Grant (Hill) came out being aggressive. I came out and hit some shots. That got us going a little bit. We came out and took the lead early. We played some good defense in the first quarter. So that was great that we were able to come out early and start the game like that.”

On Steve Nash

“There’s a great group of point guards in the NBA. (Russell)Westbrook, (Derrick) Rose, Deron Williams, Chris Paul and (Rajon) Rondo you can go on, there’s a whole list of up and coming guys. But Steve (Nash) is still a top 5 point guard. He’s still able to go out there, get 18 assists and control the game. It’s amazing what he’s doing at his age and still able to be a top five point guard.”


Grant Hill

On Steve Nash:

“Steve was solid, with 18 assists he was just out there finding people. He just took what the defense gave him. It was just another typical night for him.”

On Defense:

“We’re trying to make more of a commitment down on the defensive end. We made a few changes, tried a few different things. Golden State isn’t the best team to try things out on, because their so good offensively but we did a good job. Monta (Ellis) at the end started making a few shots and got hot, but ultimately it wasn’t enough. It was a good night for us.”

On Momentum:

“We just want to try and continue to make a commitment on the defensive end. Keep working hard. We’ve had a good start to the month now, so we just need to focus on keeping that momentum going.”