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Postgame Quotes: Suns @ Rockets - Nov. 22, 2010

Alvin Gentry

Grant Hill

Steve Nash

Hedo Turkoglu

Jason Richardson

Rick Adelman

Kyle Lowry

Shane Battier

Jordan Hill

Luis Scola

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“Wins are hard to come by. Any win on the road is a great win. Our offensive rebounding and second chance points have been our downfall. We're happy with the win and we will build from it. Our offense won the game for us. We need to get our defense to make the necessary stops for us to win down the stretch.”

(On Steve Nash's play)
“He is the engine that drives the car. He comes out and makes the plays and knocks down the big shots.”

(On the team's play)
“The guy that has been playing great for us lately is Grant Hill. He's been our most consistent player as of late. Jason (Richardson) came through in the fourth quarter and hit all his free throws.”


Suns forward Grant Hill

“I'm feeling really good and we are finding ourself as a team in trying to establish our identity. I'm scoring and defending and being productive when I am on the court.”


Suns guard Steve Nash

(On how he felt returning to action)
“Not too bad. My reoccurring injury was okay but I bruised my heel in the first quarter and I was limping a bit from that. I've been working real hard to come back and I had it in y mind to play and I was ready. My soreness was down.”


Suns forward Hedo Turkoglu

“It's always great to finish a road trip with a win. We didn't start the trip well. This was a good win. Defense was definitely the key for us.”


Suns guard Jason Richardson

(On his 12 point fourth quarter)
“I was going out and knocking down free throws and we finally got the win. I didn't want to rely on my jump shot and I was driving to basket and I got a lot of free throws. It was about time.”


Rockets Head Coach Rick Adelman

“We can never get enough stops to sustain anything. Offensively we did a lot of nice things and parts of the game defensively. They (Suns) are a hard team to cover. We try to take away their 3 point shooting because they’re so deadly. (Steve) Nash is tough. He kind of carves you up but our guys played hard. We just have to stay with it.”

(On the Rockets bench)
“It’s the one thing we’ve been having difficulty with all year. We have some guys who are good offensively, some who are better defensively and we’re trying to get a rhythm to how we are going to put all this together. I said before the game I decided I was going to try to play the bench more tonight and give them more opportunities. We’ve got to build something throughout the year. Our young guys have to start getting better and the only way they’re going to do that is if we play them.”


Rockets guard Kyle Lowry

“We have to do something. We are playing better and we are playing harder. We are going out there and competing. We can’t think like that. We can’t think ‘here we go again’. We’ve got to find a way to make a shot.”

(On the Rockets record)
“Sometimes we put our heads down. I don’t think we give up on it, we just put our heads down too fast. We have to find a way to keep our heads up. We are 3-10 but we are not a 3-10 team. We are better than 3-10. We are way better than that.”


Rockets forward Shane Battier

“Obviously we want to play well. We want to win for our fans at home but we just haven’t put it together. I don’t really have one thing to point to at this point. It’s a multitude of things but we just have to figure it out.”

(On the Rockets 4th quarter comeback attempt)
“When you are down, you are in attack mode a little more. The discouraging part is that they (Suns) scored 33 points (in the 4th quarter). They (Suns) are unconventional. A few more stops here and a few more 3’s to go down then maybe it’s a different story.”


Rockets forward Jordan Hill

“They’ve got one of the best guards in the league that can get to the paint and can find shooters. They can shoot 3’s, they can shoot mid-range. Defensively, we could have played a lot better. It’s still the beginning of the season and we’ve still got time to develop and get better defensively. We just need to keep working and try to get better.”

(On his development)
“It’s getting better everyday, in practice and in games. I’m just going out there and trying to play to my strengths, rebound every ball and try to alter or block any shots that come in the paint. I’m just going out there and playing basketball and having fun with my teammates and I want to win.”


Rockets forward Luis Scola

"I think today we made a really big push in the 3rd quarter. We came back in the game a couple of times. I think today wasn’t quite like the other games. We came back and tried. We were really, really close. We cut (the lead) to three (points) and got them to miss. The loose ball went into Turkoglu, they hit a 3 (pointer), they went six up with two minutes to go but we were right there.”