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Postgame Quotes: Suns @ Magic - Nov. 18, 2010

Head Coach Alvin Gentry

Earl Clark

Hedo Turkoglu

Grant Hill

Jameer Nelson

Rashard Lewis

Quentin Richardson

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Suns Head Coach Head Coach Alvin Gentry

On the trip to Florida:
“I wouldn’t exactly call it a vacation. Playing without Steve (Nash) was tough, and we got off to such a terrible start, turning the ball over. We never really got into any kind of rhythm. You have to make a choice against this team. We don’t have the size to guard Dwight (Howard) on the inside so we had to double-team him, and then they rotated the ball and made 3-pointers. They’re a good basketball team. There’s a reason they’re 8-3.”

On loss of rhythm being due to Steve’s absence:
“Can they play without Dwight (Howard)? Can the Lakers play without Kobe? He’s our Kobe. He’s our Dwight. He’s the engine that makes the car go. But, we’ve still got to do a better job of competing. We can’t turn the ball over seven times in the 1st quarter. We’ve got to be able to get shots at the basket. We didn’t do that.”

On whether he wants Steve Nash risking it this early in the season:
“No, that’s why we didn’t play him tonight. We made the decision that he wasn’t going to play tonight. He’s a competitor. He’s overachieved his whole life by being the competitor that he is. Twelve games into the year, we’re not going to take a chance of having him go out and get hurt so we sat him out tonight.”

On whether Steve Nash will play against Charlotte:
“We’ll see how he feels. And if he feels really good he’ll play, and if he doesn’t he won’t. We’ve got 70 games left. I think we’ve got time. We’ve got 70 games left, and as I said to you guys earlier, we’re still trying to find ourselves. Hedo (Turkoglu) has been playing pretty good. He didn’t play at all tonight. (Earl) Barron has been much better, in the backup role, but he’s got to be solid when he steps in. He struggled some tonight, and you can’t struggle against that team. They’re a very good basketball team. A team that a few years back went to the NBA Finals.”

On the 2nd unit pushing and trying to make things happen:
“They did. We forgot about the score and we asked them to try and compete and play hard, and take that. I thought Earl Clark really did a good job for us. He stepped out and played well. Earl Barron, and I thought that group that was in there with Jared Dudley. Jared is not a point guard, but we threw him in there in that role and I thought he did a pretty good job for us. It was one game in Miami. It’s one game here. Obviously, we’re disappointed we didn’t play well, but there’s a lot of basketball left ahead of us. We’re going to be a good team, we’ve just got to find a rhythm and be consistent with that rhythm and we’ll be ok.”

On whether this is one of the tougher back-to-back games for a team to face on the road:
“No more than Denver and then the Lakers that we just played. We played four games in five days, and those are the four games. We played the Lakers in LA, Denver at home, and then we came here and played Miami and Orlando. I doubt if anybody else has that on their schedule.”


Suns Forward Earl Clark

“We were just turning the ball over (first quarter) and had some careless turnovers. It is always tough when you lose someone like Steve. We are not used to playing without him. He makes the game so much easier. It was our first game where we had to adjust with not having him. The guys were kind of off balance and not at their sweet spot to score. Steve is such a creator that he gets easy baskets.”

“It was an opportunity for me to go out there and play some minutes. That is what I have been wanting so I just played as hard as I could mainly on the defensive end. I know I have a lot of guys including former All-Stars and they can put the ball in the basket, but we need help defensively and that is what I tried to do.”


Suns Forward Hedo Turkoglu

“I had good memories here so I miss everybody. They were nice to me. It was special (fans cheering). I had good times here and I guess they just wanted to thank me for all the hard work I put in here. I tried to do my best when I was here and I really appreciated that.”

(on Florida back-to-back blowout losses)
“We need to get out of Florida quick and try and get these last two before we go back home. We were playing good before we came here. We had good games against Los Angeles and Denver. It is just sometimes you just don’t have it. You just have to learn from this and move on. We just have to do the things necessary to try and win the game.”

“He (Nash) is our leader. It is always going to be hard when he is not on the court. We all have to step up and try to do our best and help each other.”

“As you guys know, I play a different role than I ever played before in my life. We all knew that it was going to take time but I am feeling better every day. I have never been in this situation before. It is also a new situation for me as it is a new team, new teammates, but so far besides tonight it has been good.”

“The Arena is great. It is really nice and they did a great job. It is the best or maybe one of the best (arenas in the league).”

“I lost almost 20 pounds. I feel great. It is new stuff for me in Phoenix and I have been really paying attention to things that are really good for me health wise. These guys (training staff) are really good at taking care of players. I am just following them and I feel great out there. I am taking care of my diet and watching what I am eating.”


Suns Forward Grant Hill

(thoughts on new Arena)
“It is big. It is huge and really nice. I told Alex Martins at halftime ‘congratulations’. I know a lot of hard work and a lot of effort went into it. It was 10 years in the making and he did a great job in putting it together and getting the cooperation with the City. Finally, it is here.”

“Anytime you are missing your starting center and point guard, it is going to be rough. Considering we have played 12 games and 9 of them have been against teams that won 50 games last year…we are .500. We didn’t have a good performance tonight. It was the fourth game in five days and fifth game in seven. I am not trying to make excused because everybody has to do that. It wasn’t one of our better performances collectively, but we will get it going. We have had some good wins and when we play well, we can beat anybody. We just need to keep working to get better and hopefully by the end of the year, we will be alright.”

“We have some new faces and we are still learning each other. It is a long season and we have to learn from the mistakes and not let it affect your confidence level.”

“They are good and very talented. It starts with Dwight and Jameer. Last year was new for Vince. Q shot the ball well tonight. They are a good team and it will come down to them, Boston, and probably Miami. They got to the Finals and have had some disappointments. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.”


Magic Guard Jameer Nelson

“Our defense had a lot of energy and our offense had a lot of patience. Just wanted to get the ball moving and work defensively and play with a lot of effort.”

“Well, I was just trying to be aggressive and make the play that was there whether it was for me to score. Guys did a great job of getting open and making shots.”


Magic Forward Rashard Lewis

“I think everybody was going offensively. I mean, we did a great job of putting the game away early, move the ball, had a lot of assists, total team effort tonight. Thought we did a great job of playing team basketball tonight.”

“We did execute well. I think that team struggles on the offensive end without Steve Nash. He’s the guy that runs that team. They didn’t play with him tonight so I’m sure they had problems scoring on the offensive end tonight.”

(On Jameer)
“He’s very effective when he’s attacking. When he gets into the paint, you have to help or he’s going to score the ball or he’s getting other guys open shots and when he’s playing like that, he’s playing at his best.”


Magic Guard Quentin Richardson

“I missed a few early then got a couple inside buckets and things started opening up for me.”

(On Jameer)
“He was outstanding. He distributed the ball all night very well and really got into the zone.”

(On Suns missing Nash)
“This is the NBA. Nobody’s going to feel sorry for us if we’re missing a player. I don’t like to see Steve out but you have to take advantage of it. He’s the leader, two-time MVP; he’s the best player on the team most times he’s on the court. Definitely going to miss him when he’s out there on the floor. He’s a coach out there on the floor, floor general and he does a lot of intangible things that don’t show up in the stat sheet.”