Postgame Quotes: Suns @ Heat - Nov. 17, 2010

Steve Nash

Grant Hill

Jason Richardson

Erik Spoelstra

Dwyane Wade

Lebron James

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Suns Guard Steve Nash

On the game:
“It kind of sums up our night (going entire half without an assist). We never really got a rhythm, and we were really passive tonight. They just outplayed us the entire game. We only have ourselves to blame. We didn’t play really hard. We didn’t play with enough aggressiveness and urgency. We obviously missed a lot of shots that we normally make. It was one of those nights where we weren’t in the front of our brains.”

On his health:
“I was pretty sore, but I was able to get through the game. I kind of took a little risk. It didn’t feel great, but I don’t think I did serious damage to it.”

On Chris Bosh’s performance:
“We know he is capable. He got in a great rhythm early, and just seemed to make everything. He played terrific.”


Suns Forward Grant Hill

On the game:
“We couldn’t score. Some of it was their defense. They were aggressive and good with their rotations. We had good looks but we just couldn’t make them. Sometimes that is going to happen. It is unfortunate when it happens against a really good team on national television. We have to learn from this. The margin of error is pretty small for this team. You can’t spot a team like that with that many points at half.”


Suns Guard Jason Richardson

On the game:
“They came out and dominated. We did not have any energy at all. We didn’t play like we have been playing. We just kind of went through the motions. We never got the pace up like we wanted. We just didn’t do anything that it takes to win the game.”


Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra

On the Game:
“We weren’t expecting that result. We just wanted to focus on our game, our energy and really having that defensive edge to us again. That is one of the most challenging teams to defend. I told the guys in the locker room right after the game was that they made each other better the last two days. There was a real serious tone and edge to the guys in practice. It was a very good defensive effort and that allowed us to get into transition. We scored 123 points, but we only had 11 fast break points. The majority was in the secondary options where we had recognition and poise to move the ball, and allow the shoots to just come out of the ball movement.”

“We wanted to try to take advantage of paint points, lay-ups, dunks and free throws. If we couldn’t get that on the initial attack then we needed to have poise and patience to work the offense until we could exploit something in the paint. The easiest way for us to do that was for us to get the ball to Chris (Bosh) early on. What I was encouraged about was the recognition. I thought Dwyane (Wade), LeBron James and the rest of the guys were aggressive but also understanding that Chris had the hot hand.”

“One of the things we want to get to is a high IQ and unselfishness with our team to where we are using all our weapons to get the best open shot.”

“We were active. We looked more similar to the first five or six games of the season tonight then we have been for the last two or three.”

On Steve Nash:
“He is the epitome of greatness and consistency; that’s Steve Nash every single night. He is a tough cover and he forces all of your defensive concepts to come into play just in one possession. You’ll have to put two on the ball, protect the pant, you have to get the three point shooters and then you have to pull the triggers when they put the ball on the floor. All of that is a coaches nightmare.”


Heat Guard Dwyane Wade

“It was more of a team thing. Everybody came into the locker room and said this is where we grow as a team. We understand that we’ve been there before. Where we’ve been up 20 in the first half and let a game slip away. We stuck at it and we never gave up.”

On increasing a second half lead:
“This is the NBA. Teams are going to make runs; especially good teams. They went to the zone and kind of stalled us for a little while. I still thought we got good shots. They just did not fall, and they made some. We kept it going. That 12 point lead went to 24 fast. We understand that we let a game against Utah slip away from us, but we were just focusing in tonight and no matter what the score got to tonight I think we were going to be fine.”


Heat Forward Lebron James

On Chris Bosh:
LeBron James: “I think he (Chris Bosh) was due, well overdue for one of these games. I could see it in his eyes at the start of the game. He was able to get two easy lay-ups to start the game. I think he scored our first ten out-of 12 points to start the game and he just kept on going. When you have a hot hand like that, you just keep on feeding him. It was great to see him finally crack the 30 point barrier that D Wade (Dwyane Wade) and I have already accomplished this season.”

“The best thing from looking at these stats (Chris Bosh’s stats for tonight) is 11 free throws. That means he’s very aggressive trying to get the ball to the rim. He shot jumpers when they were there. He got a couple (foul) and-ones.”