Postgame Quotes: Suns vs Nuggets, Nov 15, 2010

Alvin Gentry

Jason Richardson

Hakim Warrick

George Karl

Chauncey Billups

Al Harrington

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On the team’s defensive effort)
"I keep standing up here and talking about Channing Frye’s defense, he is doing such a good job for us. As far as team defense, this was probably the best win we have had in a long, long time from a total team defensive situation."

(On match ups)
"One of the things that we talked about is that we refuse to make any excuses about size or what we don’t have. When we step out on the court, we expect to play hard and we expect to win."

(On the upcoming games)
"Like I tell our guys, at the end of the day we play 41 on the road just like everybody else and we will play 41 at home. I just don’t think we can make a whole lot out of the schedule. I just think you look at the schedule, you see the games coming up and you try to prepare for them and then you play. I don’t read a whole lot into back-to-backs and this and that.

(On finding the right rotation)
"We’ve still got to figure out exactly what we are and who we are. We are having our moments and stuff, but I think we still have to get to the point where, 20- 25 games into this, we’ve got a really good idea of consistently what we are going to be."


Suns Guard Jason Richardson

(On other guys stepping up)
"That’s why it’s a team sport. It’s a back-to-back, some of the stars didn’t have the energy, including myself, and Hakim (Warrick) came in and he just really dominated on the block. Hedo (Turkoglu) came in and made some big shots and Josh (Childress) was getting rebounds all over the place so that’s why it was a team win and we need guys to step up every night because some nights some guys just aren’t going to have it."

(On how the team is coming together)
"I think guys are starting to get comfortable playing with each other and it has shown in the last couple games we’ve played and we got to continue to grow as a team."


Suns Forward Hakim Warrick

(On getting comfortable with the team)
"It’s tough coming in; you get a new system, a lot of new guys, so I think these last couple games really everyone has been fitting in and knowing their role, knowing when they are going to go in, knowing the different combinations, and who they are going to be playing with and where to be out on the floor when you’re out with a certain group."


Nuggets Head Coach George Karl

"That should be the headline; pass the damn ball, trust the pass and play the game. Their offense frustrates our defense and our defense wasn’t very good in the fourth quarter. For most of the game it was pretty good. It just gets to be frustrating when you don’t move the ball, share it with each other and play as a team. In a situation where if we make two free throws we have a nine point lead in the beginning of the fourth quarter, I think that hurt a little bit. I think we slowed Phoenix down. We made them play a tempo on this court that is not beneficial to them. We did a lot of good things, but if we’re not going to share the ball and move the ball then we’ve got to play much better defense than what we played."


Nuggets Guard Chauncey Billups

"They got in a rhythm a little bit and started hitting shots and they hadn’t really hit shots most of the game. Guys started hitting some shots and changed the whole look of the game. They denied him (Anthony) and they put two on him before he even got the ball sometimes. It’s tough for us to get the ball into him when they’ve got one man in front of him and one man behind him. We’ve just got to make a play somewhere else. Our offense is, I think, a couple of steps behind our defense."


Nuggets Forward Al Harrington

"I really don’t have any explanation, this is a game we should have one and we let it slip by us. We’ve got to get better closing out games. It has something to do with our offense; obviously if you can’t score you can’t win. They really started moving the ball and attacking the mismatch that they found. There was a loophole in our defense and they attacked it and it was enough for them to win the game. It’s frustrating, we found a recipe that would help us win the game and we went away from it, that’s just us. Coach can give us the game plan and we’ve got to go out there and execute."