Alvin Gentry

Hakim Warrick

Jason Richardson

Lionel Hollins

Zach Randolph

Marc Gasol

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“It’s the same thing with us. Obviously, the offensive rebounding, the turnovers and points off turnovers all seem to be our Achilles heel. You look at their fast break points and I think they had 26 of them. I’m not sure but probably 80 percent of those came off our turnovers. I didn’t think our transition defense was very poor but I don’t think you can defend turnovers. That was probably the biggest thing. I thought we played well, played hard and competed but we had that stretch in there where they got separation and when you do that on the road and do it in the fourth quarter, it’s tough to recover from.”

(On Zach Randolph)
“Zach is a different animal. He’s going to do that to a lot of people not just us. He’s a tremendous player and probably as good of an offensive rebounder as there is in the league. We’ve got to battle and do the best job we can, but the other guys we have to try and keep off the boards.”


Suns forward Hakim Warrick

“It was actually pretty much the same [as last Friday’s game], except they held on at the end. We had an uphill battle the whole game. They made the plays down the stretch to keep us from winning.”

(On Zach Randolph’s 20 rebounds)
“That doesn’t surprise me. He’s just one of those guys that’s always in the right place at the right time. He’s a great rebounder on the offensive and defensive ends. He’s got that throw-it-and-go-get-it again game. Whenever you think you have a stop, the ball just happens to always fall in his hands. He’s just a guy that knows how to use his body. He’s just smart and knows where the ball is going to be. I don’t know if he can dunk, but he can rebound. You just can’t teach that. He’s a guy like Dennis Rodman. He knows when the ball is going to come. He watches the rotation of the ball and is able to go get it. He is able to use his body to box you out so he doesn’t have to jump.”


Suns guard Jason Richardson

“[The Grizzlies] had a lot more energy tonight. They came ready to play. They executed their plays and did everything they were supposed to do to win the game.”


Grizzlies Head Coach Lionel Hollins

(On Zach Randolph’s rebounds)

“It is huge to have the guy (Zach Randolph) that cleans up all the boards and gives us extra possessions and gets us to the free throw line. We played pretty good without him but you see the impact he has on the guys.”

(On Xavier Henry’s performance)

“He (Xavier Henry) played pretty good. It is not just his 14 points; it is what he is doing defensively. He understands a little bit of what we are trying to do defensively. He got a couple of steals and collections. I am pleased with the way he played. I just need him to be consistent and tonight he was.”

(On deflections:)

“We have to play smart. If we don’t turn it over and get good shots, then come down and play solid defense, we have a chance.”

(On the bench play)

“It is the same rotation that I used in Sacramento. It is not set in stone, but these are the guys. The next few games I am going to utilize these guys and see what they produce.

“Early in the season everybody has to play their way into the rotation and play their way out of the rotation, I don’t think you will see a set rotation. Especially when you added players and you are trying to figure out who can do what.”


Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph

“I’m not 100 percent yet, but it’s getting back. I felt good out there tonight.”

(On team’s effort)

“We got the win and guys played better. Our guys stepped up and played great. The rookie (Xavier Henry) had a great game and Rudy (Gay) had a great game. Everybody contributed.”

(On the difference of playing with the starting five)
“It’s a big difference to have Marc Gasol out there with me. We can get defensive pressure in the paint. We can control the paint and play inside out; get things moving.”


Grizzlies center Marc Gasol

(On Zach Randolph’s impact in the lineup)
“Having one more player in the lineup, (especially) one like Zach, will help you a lot.”

(Getting revenge on Suns)
“Actually, it wasn’t about revenge. It was more about proving to ourselves that we can close out games. We have to be better to get where we want to get. It was a learning experience in Phoenix. We learned the hard way, but I think we definitely learned.”

(On team’s record)

“Not a great start, but better than last year definitely. We can always be better. We just have to keep working.”