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Postgame Quotes: Suns vs Nuggets, 10/22/2010

Head Coach Alvin Gentry

Jason Richardson

Jared Dudley

George Karl

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(Opening statement)
“Sometimes that happens in the NBA, where everything is clicking for you and it’s not really going well for us and that was kind of one of those games. You have to give those guys credit – They were playing a bunch of guys that are not normally in the rotation and guys that are trying to get minutes and trying to hang on to roster spots so they played with a ton of energy. They got us on our heels in the second quarter and we never recovered from it.”

(On the end of preseason…)
”It’s still an exhibition game. I think the disappointing thing is that it’s the last exhibition game and we need to be making progress and you know obviously there’s not a whole lot of things that you can point to as progress and positive in this game.”


Suns Guard Jason Richardson

(On the loss…)
“The good thing is it is preseason, we didn’t come out and do any things we were capable of doing. I don’t know what it is but they came out and out-played us from the beginning. We have to look at the film and get ready for Tuesday, when the games really start counting.

(On being a leader…)
“I just didn’t have the energy like I normally did and me being the leader and a team captain and a guy that the team relies on for scoring, I got to bring it every night, and their can’t be nights off even in the preseason so it kind of got to me knowing that I have to pick up my play not so much on the offensive end but the defensive end too.


Suns Forward Jared Dudley

(On the game and team’s defense…)
“That’s what happens when you give a team like confidence, no starters really played for them. First time I’ve seen Carter hit that many threes, but they all shot the ball well. Defensively, I don’t know what this team is going to be or what we’re going to have to do, but defensively you have to put your will on stuff, you can’t just talk about being a good defensive team, you have to practice it and when you’re on the court you have to know your assignments and be there, and we didn’t do that tonight. ”


Nuggets Head Coach George Karl

(On the game)
“I can’t deny it – I didn’t think we were going to have an easy win, but I did think we had a chance to win. They played great. The list of guys who played great – we had five or six guys. They played the right way, they shared the ball. Ty (Lawson) was great at times, Arron Afflalo was good and AC (Anthony Carter) was good and the tempo of the game was sped up because we played Ty and AC together a lot. There just seemed to be a trust and enthusiasm to play up and down the court that we haven’t had so far. I thought it was kind of funny, we scored 83 last night and tonight we scored 79 in the first half, so I guess my offense has a chance of working.”

(On the second unit’s offensive efficiency)
“There weren’t many bad possessions offensively. The patience, the passing and I think at times we tried to dance with the ball a little too much and that doesn’t make the offense work. I hope it rubs off on the first unit.”

(On Ty Lawson and defense)
“We knew at the end of the last year that we probably weren’t getting him enough window to be a better player and that’s sometimes how your hands get tied in the middle of the season. We’re pretty committed to getting Ty in there and more opportunities. We’re also excited to see what Al Harrington can add to our intensity. My big thing is I think we’re a team that can play both ends of the court with tremendous pressure and aggressiveness. Phoenix goes at you at a very aggressive way with their offense (but not as much) on defense. I think we can be both. I think, to win a championship, you have to play defense. In a strange way, we’re pretty good defensively too.”

(On the differences he sees with Phoenix)
“I definitely see that (Amar’e) Stoudemire isn’t out there. Stoudemire was a great roll guy and a great target for (Steve) Nash. Not only when they connected, it was a dunk and a 3-point play. I think it opened up the 3-ball a little more when they had him in the game. They’ll be fine – they’re going to be a good team. Their personality hasn’t been defined. It’ll be different, but I still think they’ll be a good team.”