Postgame Quotes - Suns vs Jazz - April 14, 2010

Alvin Gentry

Steve Nash

Amar'e Stoudemire

Jerry Sloan

Paul Millsap

Deron Williams

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(on the game) “We came up here to try and win. We don’t care about matchups or what looked good. I don’t think youcan mess around with that stuff, I really don’t. I think you got to try to play it out. You play who you play. Now we’re matched up against Portland. We play these so that we have home-court advantage and we will see if we can utilize that.”

(On Portland) “They just grind it out. They are a grind it out team. It’s not so much about keeping the score down, it’s just every possession they try to make it as long as they possibly can. They don’t get out and run. That’s OK though, we can play that way. We won games this year 88-80, so whatever way they want to play, they can play the way they want to play and we’re still going to play the way we want to play. We are still going to try and push the ball and play with a rhythm that we talked about earlier.”


Suns guard Steve Nash

(On the game) “It was a great way to finish the regular season for a team that was picked by many to be on the outside looking into the playoffs or at the bottom of the playoff list. To finish third in the West is rewarding and it’s important that we’re playing well heading into the playoffs feeling good.”

(On finishing the season strong) “I think we kept improving. We had a great start, but we had a poor two months there. From that point on we kept improving. I thought our belief in growth has been evident, and we have just gotten better and better after the All-Star Break. There’s a lot of positive energy around the team right now. We just have to keep building on it. Our bench is really important to our team. I don’t think we’re the mosttalented team, but we’re deep, we play well together, we have great chemistry and we can win, I think, in different ways. I feel good about our team. It’s been a fun season, and we have a great opportunity to keep playing.”


Suns forward Amar'e Stoudemire

“It was very important for us to continue to play the way we’ve played recently. We did a great job defending. We came out and helped out each other and did a great job of staying aware and doing exactly what we wanted to do out there.”

“Our second unit did a phenomenal job for us tonight. They are going to be very important going into the playoffs. I think it was a collective effort and now we’ll try and keep it going into the playoffs.”


Jazz Head Coach Jerry Sloan

“I thought we came back strong tonight. It’s a hard thing to do with a couple (key) guys banged up, but the fact that we fought and played hard. Hopefully we’ve learned something from tonight and now we move on."

(On the disappointment of losing the division and home court) “It’s a disappointment, but what are we going to do? You take (Boozer’s) 20 and 10 off the boards it makes things hard, but that’s a part of life and we deal with it."

(On the matchup with Denver in the first round) “We can’t worry about anybody else but Denver. Hopefully we can do a better job against them than we did in the regular season. We’ll see what happens, you never know. If you can get some confidence in yourself, in your team, and get a little more physical because the playoffs are much more physical, hopefully we can adjust and prepare ourselves. A seven-game series is a long time, we just need to prepare and compete like crazy, that’s the fun part of it."


Jazz forward Paul Millsap

“You never want to end the season like that, especially with a loss going into the playoffs but we’re a veteran team and we know how to check this game off and move onto the next one.”

(On the mindset of the team coming into tonight’s game) “The mindset was to win. That was the game plan, you know, go out there ant try to win the game. They just outplayed us, they out shot us, they out did us on everything. We just didn’t come on top of our game tonight for whatever reason but we’ve got to move on and get ready for Sunday.”


Jazz guard Deron Williams

“It was a tough game for us, we ran into a hot Phoenix team. It looked like they were on a mission and came in here and out played us, simple as that.”

(On regrouping for the playoffs) “The regular season’s over and it’s a new season now. We just need to put this one behind us. We had a chance to get the three seed but we let this one slip away and we don’t have home-court advantage but there’s still a lot of basketball to play.”

(About Denver matchup) “We have struggled with them for some reason this year. In the past we had success against them. This they had our number. They had a lot of transition baskets against us… and we have to do a better job at getting back to the transition defense, stopping their fast break points and making them defend us on the other end.”

(About Larry Miller) “He was a great owner. You could tell that he had a love for the game, a passion for the game. He had a lot of businesses, but you could tell his passion for this organization. And you can see the same things in Greg. He definitely deserves to have his number retired. He was in here almost every game, at halftime and after the games. He was a great family man.”