Postgame Quotes - Suns vs Rockets - April 13, 2010

Head Coach Alvin Gentry

Amare Stoudemire

Steve Nash

Adrian Dantley

Carmelo Anthony

Chauncey Billups

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

I thought it was a good overall win from start to finish. We did a good job defensively. I thought we did a good job the way we judged Carmelo Anthony; he’s such a good offensive player. If you can give him one point per shot, then you’ve done a great job. He took twenty eight shots and had twenty nine points. I thought between Grant (Hill), JD (Jared Dudley), J Rich (Jason Richardson), and even Earl (Clark), they did a really good job on him because he’s such a terrific scorer. I thought we did a good job of making him earn his points, most of them came on jump shots which is hard to even do anything about. I thought Steve (Nash) played great. It was a really just a good overall win, I thought we were very good defensively, we held them to just forty two percent shooting. We were great on the boards, and we out rebounded them fifty two to thirty four. It was just one of those games from start to finish we did a good job.


Suns Forward Amare Stoudemire

That was the game plan to come out and play strong from the start – we knew it was going to be a physical game and knew what type of team they were. We did a great job of studying them and knowing what they wanted to do and did a great job collectively of playing defense.


Suns Guard Steve Nash

We should be proud, but we’ve got a lot left to play for still. We have one game left in the season and we’re happy and excited, but it’s as much for the opportunity tomorrow night as it is for what we’ve already accomplished.


Nuggets Coach Adrian Dantley

It’s a tough game. You can’t dig yourself a hole like that in the beginning of a game. I don’t know what I can do. They scored 13 points in the first three minutes of the game? It was a little disappointing. They just played harder than us, from what I saw. They had more effort and they played harder and when you have a big game like this, you can’t dig yourself into a hole like that. It looked like we weren’t ready. We just didn’t play the way you would think we would play in a big playoff game.


Nuggets Forward Carmelo Anthony

They got off to a hot start. We were just fighting from there. They won, they beat us tonight. Everybody was making threes, they couldn’t miss. Everything was falling their way, they had momentum and we were in a dog fight from the beginning. They lived by the three tonight. You have to make adjustments during the game to stop the three and when you do that, other things will open up. They beat us tonight.


Nuggets Guard Chauncey Billups

It’s funny; I was talking in the locker room about how coming off a back to back, they’re going to try to punch us in the mouth early. That’s what they’re going to try to do, they’re going to try to get the game over in the first quarter and we need to take good shots and not play into their hands early in the game. Man, they come out, three, three, three and we miss a couple of shots and that opened it up and they did what you’re supposed to do to a team coming off a back to back. There is really nobody that’s going to beat them when they’re shooting like that.