Postgame Quotes - Suns vs Rockets - April 11, 2010

Head Coach Alvin Gentry

Amare Stoudemire

Jason Richardson

Rick Adelman

Aaron Brooks

Luis Scola

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

You can just look at the West and see that that team is a real quality team. They’re not going to make the playoffs but they are a real quality team that is hard to play. Every game that we’ve played them this year has been like a rollercoaster. They have a lot of offensive weapons and really smart players. Luis (Scola) is such a cerebral type player that does so many things. He’s not exceptionally quick or doesn’t shoot it exceptionally well but you can see by the end of the night he ends up with 30 points and eight rebounds. We beat a real good team tonight and had to play extremely well to do it.


Suns Forward Amare Stoudemire

I knew in the fourth quarter we had to ramp it up a notch. The game wasn’t quite going our way – they were playing well and knocking down open shots – it was hard going there for a little while and so in the fourth quarter I knew I had to bring intensity and dominate. That was the plan going into the fourth quarter, get the crowd going and got our team really amped up and ready to go and that was the turning point.


Suns Guard Jason Richardson

We know these games are important right now – even tonight was important. Houston played us tough and luckily we came out and got the stops at the end to get the victory and it’s going to be like this the next two games. Both of those teams (Denver, Utah) are fighting for home court and we’re fighting for home court, so these next two games will definitely be playoff games.


Rockets Head Coach Rick Adelman

We're obviously disappointed. We played hard up until the last two minutes. They hit every shot and we turned it over. We played the whole game and Nash, the one time we showed he took one more dribble and nailed it, and two of them were big mistakes. We made mistakes on the roll, we left Amar’e that time and the other one we were on the wrong side of the pick and roll. But they knocked down four in a row, give them credit. They hit them when it counted.


Rockets Guard Aaron Brooks

We got off to a good start, we felt pretty good. Too bad we couldn’t sustain it throughout the game. They did as good job of swinging the ball. The way they’re so spread out, with Amar’e in the middle and four shooters around him, when you rotate somebody’s going to be open and they hit the shots. Earlier they weren’t hitting it but when we came down to the end of the game, they hit the shots and that’s why they won the game.


Rockets Forward Luis Scola

were playing great throughout the game and a couple of mistakes and they hit a couple of clutch shots and they won it. We should have known better. We were doing a pretty good job and Amar’e was getting his but we were controlling all the other guys. They just hit clutch shots at the end.