Postgame Quotes - Suns @ Bucks - April 3, 2010

Alvin Gentry

Steve Nash

Jason Richardson

Scott Skiles

Brandon Jennings

Jerry Stackhouse

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(On the play of the Bucks)
“They played well. They got off to a good start and shot the ball well. They did a good job defensively, all the stuff that I thought they would do. They took us out of a rhythm early. We never really got into any kind of a rhythm. When we don’t shoot it well, we struggle, but they did a good job.”

(On having their 10-game win streak snapped)
“It makes us 10-1 in our last 11. It’s a tough game to lose, especially the way we’re fighting for position in the Western Conference, but these guys played great. As I said to our guys, it’s not so much that they’ve lost three out of four, it’s that with Delfino in their lineup, they’re 14-2. With that lineup that they start, they’ve been very effective.”

(On the game)
“They (the Bucks) outplayed us. Some nights you get outplayed. Some nights they shoot the ball better, some nights they just have a little more pop than you have. It’s our fifth game in seven days. I don’t have anything negative to say about our guys. I thought they did a good job. They tried real hard, it just didn’t work out.”


Suns guard Steve Nash

(On the game)
“We got outplayed. They played better than we did. They were really sharp and we weren’t. I don’t know if it was tired legs or if we just didn’t have the energy, but we never really got good movement to our game.”

(On facing Milwaukee at the end of their road trip)
“This is probably the worst team where it’s tough to play in the last game on the road. They needed this one and we obviously have been on a long road trip, so it was a tough one to face in this juncture of the trip.”

(On the play of Brandon Jennings)
“I thought Brandon did a good job today. He played a lot of minutes and had a lot of responsibility for his team, and I thought he did a good job.”


Suns guard Jason Richardson

(On his performance)
“I couldn’t really move out there. Playing four games in five nights, I don’t know what it was, but I’m glad we have a couple of days in between the next game. Hopefully I can get it right.”

(On the game)
“It still turned out to be a good road trip. We would’ve liked to win this game, but we just didn’t have it. They came out hungry; they’re still fighting for their playoff position in their conference. We just didn’t have the energy tonight.”


Bucks Head Coach Scott Skiles

(On the play involving Andrew Bogut)
“I didn’t feel like there was any intent or anything there. I know when a player goes airborne they try and take special care that nobody touches him at all in that type of vulnerable state. Looking at it I actually felt like Amar’e (Stoudemire) kind of stopped on the play. (Andrew Bogut) Bogues was going with so much momentum and got caught up in the air there so I didn’t think there was any intent to do anything wrong.”

(On tonight’s game)
“We had a lot of energy tonight. Considering what we have been through; 11 games in 18 days and two really tough road losses and Phoenix winning 10 in a row. I was really proud of the guys tonight. You could tell fatigue was setting in near the end of the game. (Coach) Alvin (Gentry) brought some fresh bodies in and they had an effect. That’s a big win for us considering what we have been through.”

(On tonight’s game)
“I thought our defense was really sharp. We started the game; we had a lot of energy, we were bouncing around, we got up and we got into them. We’ve had a couple tough losses but we were here to win this game tonight.”


Bucks guard Brandon Jennings

(On tonight’s game)
“The main thing was we got up on them at the beginning. We were able to push the lead and go into half with them down 19 or 20. That was a big thing. You don’t want to get into a close game with Phoenix; they have so many weapons. Thank God we did get that big lead and they rested Steve Nash tonight.”

(On Tuesday’s matchup with Chicago)
“That’s going to be a tough one. That’s not going to be easy so we have to try to go in there and get that one.”


Bucks forward Jerry Stackhouse

(On the play involving Andrew Bogut)
“That’s the NBA. Things happen and guys step up. We’re all professionals and that’s why we pay these guys in this locker room. When somebody goes down you have an opportunity to step up and help the team and hopefully we’ll find some guys to do that.”

(On the remainder of the season)
“We can only worry about ourselves. We can’t think so much about who’s winning and who’s losing. Let’s go out and try to win as many games as we can and let the chips fall where they may. Whatever seed that is, we did it. If we look at ourselves, we still did it. Let’s go out and play whoever we’re lined up to play.”