Postgame Quotes - Suns @ Nets - March 31, 2010

Alvin Gentry

Steve Nash

Amar'e Stoudemire

Kiki Vandeweghe

Devin Harris

Courtney Lee

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

“I think you can see Kiki has the Nets playing extremely hard. I thought they were very competitive and did a great job. I thought we got a little separation at the start of the third quarter. We made a bunch of shots and that gave us the separation. After that, the Nets didn’t quit and came back. I believe they cut the lead to two. I think the biggest complement you can give the Nets is they have a lot of guys with a lot of pride on that team. They are still playing hard and are still being competitive. That’s all you can ask for as a coach. You never hear anyone talk about all the injuries they’ve gone through. They’ve been really good when they have their guys together, they won three out of their last four games. I think the Nets are pretty darn good.”


Suns guard Steve Nash

“It feels good to win. Obviously it feels good to stay alive in the Western Conference and build up some good feelings for the playoffs.”

(On the difficulty of getting motivated for this game)
“It’s tough, especially on a back to back. We had a tough game in Chicago. We didn’t get in New Jersey until three in the morning. We had to find a way to win. This is a team that has good feelings right now and they’ve been playing well.”

(On the transition game in the 2nd half)
“That was great. It was great to get a good start and obviously it gave us a chance to get a lead back. I thought we sustained the effort in the second half for the most part.”


Suns forward Amar'e Stoudemire

(On the defensive effort of the Nets)
“Coming into the game they were doing everything they could to prevent me from getting the ball. They were doing a good job of that I think tonight J-Rich and Steve carried us out there offensively. We played well enough to win.”

(On the three point shooting)
“We definitely tried to distract them from guarding me. Guys did a great job of knocking down outside shots. They had to respect both the inside and outside game. They have to pick their poison.”


Nets Head Coach Kiki Vandeweghe

“I thought we played hard and well for about 42-43 minutes. There were two times in the game, in the beginning and in the second half, where we just lost a little bit of focus. You can see why this team has won 10 out of 11, shooting 61% from the 3-point range. They are a very tough team to play. I give them a lot of credit. I thought that we played hard but we lost a little bit of focus for a couple of minutes, and that’s just enough for this team. This team is playing for playoff position and this game really means something for them. We had to have great focus and intensity for 48 minutes. Unfortunately we had it for about 42 minutes.”

(On effort from Kris Humphries and Terrence Williams)
“I thought our bench was great. Both those guys came in with great energy. They both played hard, especially on the defensive end. They really worked. They worked the boards and that’s the way I know they can play. I have a lot of confidence in both those guys and that earns more playing time.”

(On Devin Harris' status)
“Devin was very sore coming into the game. His back was really hurting him. He tried to go, unfortunately it didn’t really happen tonight. We have a day off tomorrow and hopefully he’ll be ready for Saturday.”


Nets guard Devin Harris

(On status of back injury)
“I’m alright. It just tightened up a little bit, but nothing I’m concerned with.”

(On the wrap)
“Yeah, just trying to keep it warm and keep it loose throughout the game. But, as the game went on it just tightened up more and more. Not something I’m concerned with.”

(On the 3rd quarter)
“They came out, guns a blazing. They got on transition and got some easy looks. But, all night long they shot the three incredibly well. And with a team like that, they’re going to shoot 3’s. You just have to limit their looks as much as possible. They shot a good percentage today and when they do that they’re hard to beat.”


Nets guard Courtney Lee

“We played well early on. Especially in the 1st half, we were playing together and we seemed emotional out there, it was fun. In the 3rd quarter they came out hot. They hit 3 3’s in a row on us. It switched the momentum a little bit. But as you can see we are starting to play together. We’re starting to have fun and come together. We’re realizing as we play for each other, help each other, and we show some emotion, the game is a lot easier.”

(On the difficulty of defending Phoenix)
“They’re very difficult. They spread the floor with shooters and they have Amar’e Stoudemire down low who’s dominant in the paint. And they have Steve Nash one of the best point guards in the game, especially coming off pick and rolls and finding guys. Definitely tough.”

(Guessing on defense)
“Yeah, at some points. We make the right rotations, but he keeps his dribble alive and finds the open man.”