Lindsey Hunter

Wesley Johnson

PJ Tucker

Rick Adelman

Andrei Kirilenko

Luke Ridnour

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Suns Head Coach Lindsey Hunter

(Opening statement)

“Disappointed in our start of the game. I just didn’t think we played with any fire in the beginning. You put yourself in a hole that way. Then you come out in the 3rd quarter and play the inspired way you are suppose to and now you are down, but you cant play perfect. I don’t like using excuses. This is an opportunity for some of our guys. You should try to take advantage of the opportunity to play. I think in the beginning guys did not really do that. The 3rd quarter was much better. We stayed a course. We don’t make excuses. We take it, we learn from it and we move forward.”

(On how to keep the team motivated)

“That is just it. If that message is not getting across the way we think it should, than you know guys are going to find themselves in some situations that they wish they were not in. We have to stay the course. I’m not frustrated. You always get disappointed when you think don’t think your guys played up to potential or played with the type of intensity you would like. That is the part you would never want to see. We will stay the course and keep working. In this league you play for so many years and you coach and do different things and you see how things go. I have been on both ends of the spectrum so I understand what they are going through and I understand how to come out of it. I realize you have to stay the course. You learn more from these situations and going through things like this than you do when you are on type. I think when that happens you never want to go back. You always want to stay competing for something.”


Suns Forward Wesley Johnson

(On tonight’s poor start)

“It’s tough. Ups and downs during the season especially coming out like that. They had it going and everything. Shots weren’t falling and our little bunnies weren’t going in, free throws, everything wasn’t going our way. Its tough, I mean it drains everything out of you, especially when you see lay ups and dunks and all that stuff just not go in – its like, what else can go wrong. So we just continue to try and get better and just stop their lead, but it was tough. Everything was going for them and they shot a lot of free throws too so it was a long night.”

(On if people are just going through the motions)

“No, not at all. Everybody still wants to play. I think everybody still wants to compete. We still have a month left so I don’t think anybody is going to check in they’re still going to go out there and play. They just tip the ball up and it’s not going in our favor. Nights like this the ball is not going in; everybody still wants to play – it might not look like it by the outcomne or the score, but everybody still wants to play.”


Suns Forward PJ Tucker

(On the difference between the Lakers game and the last two games)

“It’s easy to get up for the Lakers. It’s not hard to get up for the Lakers or the Knicks, the Clippers, or the Thunder. It’s not hard to get up for those games because they’re big games. We have got to find a way to do the same for the Charlotte games, D.C. games, Minnesota games. So, like I said, we’ve just got to find a way to dig down deep and be able to fight and be able to contest in the fourth quarter and be able to win games.”


Timberwolves Head Coach Rick Adelman

(Opening Statement)

“Right from the very beginning our guys came ready to play. We did a nice job of moving the ball and attacking the basket and we were very active in the zone.”

(On the win)

“We haven’t had a lead like that for a long time and we started to get a little worried but we got it back up again. I thought from start to finish we just did a great job.”

(On the team’s chemistry)

“We moved the ball well, the ball was hoping. I think at halftime we had 16 assists and 4 turnovers. And after playing last night in a game that we thought that we could have won it was nice to see them come back tonight.”


Timberwolves Forward Andrei Kirilenko

(On the win)

“It’s nice to win especially because of the confidence that you get from it. I think that right from the beginning we really concentrated and didn’t let Phoenix jump on us and control the tempo of the game. That is how we are going to win.”

(On maintaining the lead)

“I think in the third quarter they had a little run but we still controlled the tempo and let them close in on us.”

(On the defense)

“I think it was a total game I think that when we put on the zone it put them in trouble and they couldn’t score. We prevented them from scoring inside and forced them to take outside shots and they shot a lot of shots. Then on the other side we converted our layups and got good shots.”


Timberwolves Guard Luke Ridnour

(On the win)

“We needed it. It was good to have a good bunch of the guys on the court and to get a big win is good for our team right now. It’s been a long time. We got some many new guys coming back on the court and just getting used to playing with each other again is like a whole other season. It was good.”

(On maintaining the lead)

“We just kept attacking. That is one thing we have to do better, make some threes but we did a good job just continuing to run the floor and get mid-range and inside shots.”