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Lindsey Hunter

(Opening statement) ‘Where do I start? We got that out the way. Hopefully. It is no secret what happened. I think everybody saw we were outplayed in every aspect of the game. You look at games like that and you take it for what it is worth. You move on. We have to start getting ready for the Lakers. That is over with. I look at it as one game and I told the guys, ‘it’s one game.’ I have seen worse. I have been part of worse. I just remember Larry Brown told our team, ‘we can have three of them for the year and than we move on.’ So we move on. You got to keep your head up and keep pushing and keep fighting.”

(On team struggling offensively “I have been part of teams that struggled that bad offensively. You play a lot of basketball, then you see a lot of things so nothing is really new. You treat it as one game. It is like having a bad day at work and you go to work and nothing goes right for you. You look at it and you go you know what I am glad today is over, let’s start over. You do not hang your head and dwell on it, you move on. And that is what we are going to do. That is my job to not let the guys have pity parties. We move on and that is what we are going to do.”

(On Jared Dudley’s limited minutes “He was okay. I wanted to try and get us kick started with Goran at the 2. Then when the game got away and we really couldn’t get back there was no sense of bringing him back. I just let him sit and we will try again next game.”


Suns Guard Jared Dudley

(On team’s effort “You always expect if you got in a fight to come back the next day and put up a better effort. And obviously today was the same [as last game] if not worse because you’re at home and following just occurred on Friday”

(On playing time) “I can’t control playing time. When I’m out there I’m going to play the right way. I’m not going to just throw up shots because we are losing. That’s not my style of play. Coaches are paid to coach and I’m paid to play so when I’m out there I’m going to give it 100%.”


Thunder Head Coach Scott Brooks

(On keeping intensity up after Friday’s game) “Well we talked about that before the game, that we have to pay close attention to our energy and our focus – and I thought our guys did a great job. Anytime you can hold an NBA team three straight quarters under 20 and almost the fourth quarter under 20 is a lot of good defensive intensity and toughness. I thought our guys did a good job defensively and offensively. The ball was moving – Thabo back-to-back games of five and I think four three pointers last game. The ball was moving and we were making shots.”


Thunder Forward Kevin Durant

(On being a half game back from 1st) “We’re not concerned – I mean of course when it comes toward the playoffs, whoever has the best team is going to have the homecourt advantage. Right now we’re just trying to focus on us every single day – how we can get better and playing up to our standard which is defense first. These last two or three games have been really great for us on the defensive end and setting the tone so we have to keep it up. When we play an all-around game, as far as everyone contributing on the offensive end and the defensive end, we always view it as a win. On the offensive end we’re doing a better job of just playing together. Everybody is getting touches, everybody is feeling good about themselves. It’s good to do that and as the season goes on we need to continue to do that. ”

(On Sefolosha’s performance and the trust it builds in him) “Well it’s great for him to get his confidence up and for him to know that ‘if they come off of me it’s three points’ but tonight he came out and he was hitting all of them. We are going to trust him when he’s hitting and we’re going to trust him when he’s not. That’s the best thing about a team is that when a guy is down you pick him up. Tonight it was the total opposite – he was making plays on the defensive end, making shots, keeping basketballs alive, getting steals, so he was great tonight."


Thunder Guard Russell Westbrook

(On the 16-2 run to end the first half) “We try to find a way to create offense off of our defense and I think that is our biggest advantage as a team – we try to use it to our advantage.”

(On how he got open on the last play of the first half) “Scotty drew up a good play, everyone did their role: Kevin came off real hard, Perk screened down and I was able to get open and knocked the shot down.”