Postgame Quotes: Suns vs. Kings - Dec. 17, 2012

Alvin Gentry

Shannon Brown

Jared Dudley

Keith Smart

Jimmer Fredette

Aaron Brooks

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Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry

(Opening statement) “Well that was interesting. I think Scola said it best in the locker room when we were gathering and that’s that we have to play hard for 48 minutes. Not for 24 or 30 or whatever. We have to play hard for 48 minutes and we did not do that tonight. We played a great second half but we don’t want to have that kind of start. On the flip side I thought we were really good in the second half. Our defense was terrific, we did a great job of moving the basketball and we even passed on some open shots but all in all it’s a win and we will take it. We just need wins anyway that we can get them. I thought we were excellent in the second half. I thought our defense was great. 58 points we scored in the second half good ball movement. I thought Scola was great at finding open people. I just thought it was a good game for us. ”

(On Shannon) “I thought he shot the ball extremely well, 10 of 13 and he even passed up on one that I thought he could have had an open shot on. He played great.”

(On Jimmer Fredette) “We just need to a little better job of locking in and guarding guys. We don’t want a guy like Jimmer to get a couple of shots and get going. That guy has been a terrific scorer his whole life and you give him a couple of shots and he makes them and his confidence gets up he can be a problem. I think he has worked on his game and improved. I think he has a real bright future.”

(On overlooking the Kings in the first half) “We are in no position to overlook anyone. I look on the right side and we have 15 losses. So we can’t overlook anyone. Not anyone in this state, including Chapparal High. We can’t afford to overlook anyone. I think we got off to slow start but it didn’t have anything to do with being overconfident or anything like that. We just didn’t have the energy to start the game and we found a way to get the energy in the second half. I told them that the first five minutes of the third quarter was going to be monumental.”


Suns Guard Shannon Brown

(On catching fire in the third quarter) “Personally, I just want to continue to take good shots. I want to take good shots and knock them down, stay within the flow of the offense so – you know it isn’t a turnover or a bad shot or something like that. Like I said, my teammates and coaches did a great job of running plays and trying to give me the ball in positions where I could make something happen and be successful.”


Suns Guard Jared Dudley

(On difference from first to second half) “I think they outworked us the first quarter – first half. Jimmer got going and gave them a nice little boost. I think we were shooting 28 – 30 percent through the second quarter and then when they were missing they were getting offensive rebounds. We did a bad job executing our offense and then defensively, when we did get stops, they got offensive rebounds. We were lucky to be only down eleven, then third quarter we go on a nice little run; picked up the intensity, got stops, stopped turning the ball over so much and finally hit some shots for everybody.”


Sacramento Kings Head Coach Keith Smart

“My goodness. Played as perfect a game of basketball that we could play, the right mindset we need to win the first quarter. We tried to get three stops in a row and executed that throughout the first and second quarter. We kept them on their heels, moved the ball did everything. It was a different team. They came out with a little more intensity and we didn't close the second quarter because that gave them momentum going into the halftime.”

“I thought this was a night to steal one on the road after a game last night. I thought they did everything the right way up until things started to go haywire in the second half.”


Sacramento Kings Guard Jimmer Fredette

“We came out strong in the first half. We won the first two quarters and played really well. We had a double digit lead going into half time and then over the start of that third quarter it kind of slipped up on us, they were making a lot of shots and made a big run and then we couldn’t get it back from there so credit them for playing hard and coming back and getting this win but we need to start the third quarter better and try to win the game. I think we were down by three but they started making shots again and it’s all about getting stops and we were unable to do that and that was the difference in the game.”


Sacramento Kings Guard Aaron Brooks

“You work so hard in the first half to establish a lead and then you let it go in three minutes, it’s kind of disheartening. They moved the ball, they hit shots and I think our intensity was pretty good during the game but we had a couple of lapses. That’s the way it goes sometimes. I think we broke down on a couple of rotations with Dudley. They moved the ball very well and sometimes that offense gets going they get in rhythm and it’s kind of hard to stop stuff sometimes. I would say it was our defense but I think we were out on some of those shots and some transition buckets after a couple of turnovers, that kind of messed us up too.”