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Suns Forward Wesley Johnson

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Suns Center Jermaine O'Neal

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Donatas Montiejunas

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Suns Head Coach Lindsey Hunter

(On the game

“That’s probably the first time I felt we didn’t compete as a unit and that is just unacceptable. It’s embarrassing. These are the situations you get put in when you really find out who’s going to be with you and who isn’t. Nothing is promised for none of us here so our guys have to compete like everyday is our last and I didn’t see that tonight. It’s very disappointing, very embarrassing, and unacceptable. Other than Diante Garrett, he played well and came in off the bench and played the way we expect. But other than that it was just a stretch for anything else that was positive to us.

(On the Rockets)

“I think they basically challenged us and said you can’t guard us and drove the ball to the rim. It wasn’t any scheme or anything else; they just drove the ball to the rim. (Donatas) Motiejunas had his career high and that’s the game. They put their heads down and drove by us and dared us to do anything and we didn’t. We have to get back to the drawing board and have a spirited practice to correct the things we saw wrong tonight. Our guys really, really have to change our approach and come out with a blue-collar, desperate approach and play like were all on 1 day contracts. That’s the attitude were going to instill on them.”


Suns Forward Wesley Johnson

(On the game)

“It was tough losing like that. Houston started to get rolling and then they were making their shots and it seemed like everything they were doing was going right and everything we were doing was going wrong. It’s difficult but we have to learn from these types of games. Everybody loves to compete and still loves to play. It is hard on a team when another team really gets going like that at home, with a crowd and it was really hard to rally back from stuff like that.”


Suns Forward Luis Scola

(On returning to Houston

“It was a very emotional game. I played here my first five years and I never came back to play here and I was happy to be back. It was a bad game for us and I’m very disappointed about that. It was good to see all the people around the team. They were really good to me and I was happy to get the chance to be around here one more time.”

(On the video tribute)

“I saw a little bit from a bad angle from where I was at. I was touched. It was different and I wish it would’ve had a different outcome. This was just the way it was. It was very emotional to come here. The video was really nice.”

(On new Pope being from Argentina)

“It was weird. I never thought it would be possible. I didn’t even know it was possible that he was a candidate. I guess it was a big thing.”


Suns Center Jermaine O'Neal

(On his return to play)

“I felt a little winded because I only had one practice to get in and I was trying to readjust my mind to coming back to basketball. I got off to a pretty good start in the first half.”

(On the Rockets and the game)

“Houston did a pretty good job on building off momentum and they really put us back on our heels. This league is about effort and about a will and obviously losing in Phoenix left a bad taste in their mouth and we knew they were going to come out and play well. They play very good at home and they’re playing for a playoff spot. What we really didn’t do a very good job of was responding. This is probably the first time where we flat out didn’t respond. A lot of that had to do with their will so it was a little about us and a lot about them.”


Rockets Head Coach Kevin McHale

(On the momentum change during second quarter)

“The guys really D'd up. I thought they really locked in defensively. That (Rockets) group gave a great effort on the defensive end and that kind of got us out running a little bit more and got us out on the break. Again, that same group started the third (quarter) and they had really good defensive intensity. We've been working really hard at it and it's good to see some results. A couple of things that were concerning the last game: they (Suns) had 17, 18 or 19 offensive rebounds for 24 points. They got to the line 39 times, we fouled them all over the place and we got to the line only 10 times. We were much more diligent (tonight).”

(On the play of Jeremy Lin)

“I thought Jeremy played really well. I thought Jeremy's defense was very good. He had good anticipation, he sees stuff. He's got good hands. He dug up some balls. He just came out and made easy plays. He had 6 assists and 2 turnovers but he just made the easy plays. We really like to encourage our guys to get the high key assist. Those are the ones nobody really looks at. . Everyone sees the one pass but it's the pass-pass combination that someone's got to get that started. “

(On the play of Donatas Motiejunas)

“D-Mo played well tonight. I was happy for him. After a couple of stints where he got in foul trouble a little early in a couple of games, it was nice to see him get a little rhythm. Overall, that was a good game for us. We defended well and did some good stuff.”

(On Donatas Motiejunas being a starter)

“He's always been the guy that's filled in. When you watch him play in Europe he wasn't a 28 point a game scorer. He was the guy that came in and played with other people. He's one of those kids on his report card it says 'He plays well with others.”

(On Donatas Motiejunas and the frustration of play)

“It takes awhile in this league (to get going). That's why they take their days of massive frustration but there's also those days where you realize how young they are. I remember back as a young player, even in college, you didn't play that often but it was hard to turn a back game into a good game. It's hard to explain. It's weird. The snowball would get rolling and all of a sudden you'd miss a couple of chippies. All of sudden your man scores on you. You'd have a sheer block and you don't get it and your man gets an And One and you're like oh my goodness. I realized the frustration factor comes in and you have a 3-foul, 2-point first half and you come out and have 24 in the second half. That doesn't happen your rookie year very often. Him (Motiejunas) and the others guys need to have something good happen, but I remember those days, but it's hard to explain to people unless you've done it. You play enough in the NBA where the snowball doesn't go cascading down the mountain again. You get it under control and you play better. Our guys aren't at that point yet. They just need to have some good stuff happen.”


Rockets Guard James Harden

(On the difference in the level of concentration versus playing the Suns on Sunday)

“It was pretty good. Especially when they (Rockets) ended the second quarter going into the third quarter. I think we played Rockets basketball. It was good to bounce back from that game. We had two pretty good practices. To bounce back from that game in Phoenix. To go out here and get a win like this, it was good for us. Finally, we can go home and get ready for practice tomorrow and then worry about Minnesota.”

(On the five starters being in double figures and Motiejunas' play)

“The ball was moving well tonight. D-Mo got his opportunities. He had some big 3's and finished around the rim. He did a phenomenal job of taking advantage of his opportunities. Jeremy (Lin) played well. I think everybody on the team played well tonight.”


Rockets Forward Donatas Montiejunas

(On his passing)

“I'm not making highlights for myself. I used to make those passes recently because I was not playing. I didn't have so much time to practice for them but I was doing it in practice. Usually, the ball would not reach the player that I wanted to pass to so then the coaches were making jokes about me. So, today after I made a pass, they said it's not in the pocket. It was on the floor.”

(On his career high)

“It's not really important for me, my career high. It's a career high. I'm thinking more about team victories. I'm happy that we won and shared the ball. That was the reason I had so many points, because everyone shared the ball and everyone played unselfish.”


Rockets Guard Jeremy Lin

(On the key to the win)

“We did what we wanted to defensively and that's kind of the catalyst for everything that we are trying to do here.”

(On the Rockets ball movement and the team not settling for 3-point shots)

“We were moving the ball, sharing the ball. You could look across that we had great distribution among the scoring and that's usually a great sign of transition buckets as well as sharing the ball on offense.”