Outcome of Hornacek-Tucker Shootout a Mystery

by Matt Petersen

By the time the media was allowed into the practice court, the majority of the battle was already over.

Jeff Hornacek and P.J. Tucker were locked into the tail end of a one-on-one shootout from beyond the arc. Both players sank their final attempts from the right corner. Hornacek’s last shot was a thing of beauty, snapping the net without touching the rim.

It’s worth noting that much has been made of Tucker’s improved stroke from the perimeter. He’s shooting 41.8 percent from three-point range, a whopping 10-percent improvement over a year ago.

Hornacek, of course, was renowned for his long-range shooting as player, averaging just over 40 percent from distance in his 14-year career. He's already proved this season he can still shoot the ball.

So the Suns’ head coach had to be the victory, right?

Not so fast.

After answering a series of usual post-practice questions, Tucker just barely contained a smile when asked about how he fared against Hornacek.

“I ain’t going to say,” he said. “You guys can ask him. He ain’t smiling too happy right now, that’s all I’m going to say.”

We were only too eager to get Hornacek’s side of the story, which was an admittedly short version.

“It was a tie,” he quipped. “That’s what I’m going with.”

The final score wasn’t revealed, but Hornacek gave begrudging props to his starting small forward.

“I’m surprised he didn’t come out and say he won,” Hornacek said. “That was nice of him.”

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