's Aldridge Lauds Suns' Start

NBAE/Getty Images

The Suns' 5-4 record is deceiving to those who watched the games. Last week could easily have been a 2-0 celebration instead of the 0-2 depression it ended up being.'s David Aldridge concurred while giving some props to Phoenix in this week's column, titled "It's early -- very early -- but these teams are making noise."

"The funny thing is, the Suns could easily be 7-2."

Aldridge also caught up with Phoenix General Manager Ryan McDonough, the architect behind the Suns' tank-defying roster. He was adament that the good start isn't nearly as surprising to those who have followed the taem since its summer league stages.

"A lot of people were too hard on the talent we had on the roster going into the season ... people don't see what they can do; they only see what they've done in the past. But watching us in the summer league and in training camp, we have a fairly athletic team."

With any one (or several) among a group that includes Eric Bledsoe, Gerald Green and Miles Plumlee making regular appearances in NBA highlights, it's hard to argue. Phoenix also leads the league in fast break points per game (23.4).

Aldridge also credits the team's defense, which has allowed just 95.8 points per game (sixth-best in the league).

McDonough, meanwhile, explained a subtle difference between outsiders' perspective of his offseason work and his own.

"I think people's expectations of my plan and what we were trying to do was different from what I wanted. The best-case scenario is we find a bunch of guys we can build around for the next eight, 10 years. That would be great. If Bledsoe and Markieff and [first-rounder] Archie Goodwin and those guys form a nucleus for the next great Phoenix team, with the cap room and the Draft picks we have, we'll have had a good season."