Suns Best at Pick-and-Roll

Barry Gossage/NBAE

The Suns’ identity for much of the franchise’s history has been that of a running team.

Assuming that’s the case, “pick-and-roll team” might run a close second.

The folks over at Sekou Smith’s Hang Time Blog used those new-fangled advanced stats to break down the best pick-and-roll teams and duos in the league.

As they do in fast break points per game, Phoenix led the way.

"The Dallas Mavericks have been the most prolific pick-and-roll team in the league, but the Phoenix Suns have been the best, scoring 1.09 points per pick-and-roll possession, just a hair better than the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers."

This should come as no surprise, especially with the guard-oriented offense Head Coach Jeff Hornaek likes to run. Phoenix, in fact, might be even further ahead of the pack once Eric Bledsoe returns to give the Suns a constant threat (Hornacek prefers having Bledsoe or Dragic on the floor at all times) in pick-and-roll sets.

In the meantime, however, Dragic is shouldering the load along with Channing Frye, the Suns’ sharp-shooting big man. The duo leads the league in points per possession (1.3) off pick-and-rolls, and their total numbers far outdistance those of their closest competitors.

"Overall, the Suns have been efficient when Dragic has the ball, scoring 1.16 points per possession from his 1,238 pick-and-rolls. That’s the best mark among 46 starting point guards and other high-usage perimeter players who have been the pick-and-roll ball-handler for at least 300 possessions."

It’s also important to remember that Frye was far from a guarantee to even play this season after heart complications forced him to miss all of last year.

Count this latest statistical breakdown among the latest of feel-good storylines for the Suns this season.