Nash Prepares to Succeed

By Stefan Swiat,
Posted: March 29, 2012

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. No one knows this better than Suns point guard Steve Nash.

You don’t become a two-time MVP without planning a few things out, including his game-day routine. Although Nash doesn’t have any superstitions that he’s beholden to – he is far too rational for that – he is a man of habit.

Here’s his process: he gets his gear ready for the game, performs some exercises to get all of his muscles firing, shoots, gets taped and then hits the layup lines with the rest of the team.

“I just occupy myself with preparing myself to play,” Nash said.

Although Nash is complex when it comes to knowledge of his body and how to make it best perform, his recipe for success is actually very simple. He could be asked about it a million different ways, but he’ll always come back to a few core concepts.

“Get lots of sleep, eat right and work hard on the court,” Nash always says. “I eat well and eat healthy, but I don’t have a set meal for game days. I just don’t eat bad stuff, so I can make it interchangeable.”

Nash will be the first to admit that as a rookie in the NBA, he never thought he’d still be playing at the tender age of 38. For him, his lifestyle is a daily choice that revolves around one key principle.

“Sacrifice,” the playmaker stated. “I make sure those things (eating correctly, sleeping enough and training properly) are a priority. You have to do your work every day and don’t take days off.”

Literally, Nash only takes three or four days off a year from doing anything active. However, during this condensed 66-game season, Nash has been mindful about not spreading himself too thin and being stricter than usual with his health.

“I try to do the same things, but I just do more of it in a condensed season,” he said. “And I just try to get more rest.”

Although Nash is motivated by being an elite athlete, the Suns co-captain believes that he would have the same mentality if he was a normal citizen and working a 9-to-5 job.

“I like the lifestyle getting up every day and working out,” he said. “That’s just who I am.

“If I wasn’t in the NBA, I would be doing that anyway. But now I get to do it in a competitive and structural environment.”

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