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Jackson Vroman Chat Transcript

Jackson chatted live on Oct. 8.
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The Phoenix Suns didn't pick up any big first-round picks in June's 2004 NBA Draft, but they did add some big-time potential in the form of forward/center Jackson Vroman.

As part of a pre-draft deal with the Chicago Bulls, the Suns traded away their first-round pick for the rights to the Iowa Stat product (selected 31st overall), plus a future first-round pick and cash.

"Jax" -- a second generation NBAer, whose father, Brett, played briefly for the Utah Jazz in 1978-79 -- was projected as a first-round pick by Suns scouts, and the 23-year-old only reaffirmed their beliefs in him with his aggressive and energetic play in the summer leagues.

"I liked his activity level, his ability to run the floor, his ability to cover his teammates on defense," said Suns assistant coach Marc Iavaroni. "He just seemed to be all over the court and have a great instinct for the game. He was a very pleasant surprise."

Unfortunately for the Suns and their surprise rookie, a broken thumb suffered in a recent scrimmage has him sidelined for the next five to six weeks. Vroman will spend that time rehabbing and listening closely during practices, but he also found time to chat with fans live on See the full chat transcript below:

Salt Lake City, UT: What has been the biggest adjustment you have had to make since starting at Snow College to become and NBA draft pick?

Jackson Vroman: I've had to add lots of weight, I've added about 25 pounds, which was an adjustment.

Kyle (Sioux City, IA): We'll sure miss you in Cyclone Country this winter Jax! How did your time in Ames help prepare you for the rugged NBA schedule? Did the transition between head coaches (Eustachy to Morgan) prior to your Sr. year affect your game in any way, positively or nagatively? Thanks and good have many fans in Big XII Country!

Jackson Vroman: It didn't really prepare me for the NBA schedule, because there is like twice as many games in the NBA, so I'll have to address that this season. For the second part of the question, Coach Morgan was more offense and fast-break oriented.

hansel, joplin, mo: jackson - did you get the chance to play with marcus fizer, jason tinsley at iowa state and if so, what do you think of those guys?

Jackson Vroman: I never met or played with either of those guys.

Smaeher(eagle): How do you prepare for a game?

Jackson Vroman: I think coaches at this level really help you prepare. I eat right, about four hours before the game, watch film and try and visualize good things happening in the game before you get in there.

club greyhawk: is it true that nick smith of salt lake has been working closely with you to help you development of a mid-range game?

Jackson Vroman: Ha-ha (Laughing) Yeah, he's been a tremendous asset! That was my roomate asking a question!

Mt. Pleasant : Hey Jackson, this is Rodney Waylon's little brother i was just wonderin how you been and if you are going to be back for the start of the season

Jackson Vroman: I've been great, and I'm expected to be back before the start of the season. Thanks for asking. I hung out with your brother last night!

Danny NY: Hey. I was wondering, what will you do to help speed your recovery. PS Feel better.

Jackson Vroman: I don't think there is anything I can do to speed the recovery. But I will make sure to be in great shape when it is finally healed.

Alan, Mexico D.F: What kind of play will Jax adds to the Sun's game?

Jackson Vroman: I think I can bring hustle, toughness, rebounding and fit into the running style of game we are gonna play this year.

Rishi Mohindra (Lake Forest, CA) : Hey Jax, do you have a personal hero that you look up to? Perhaps you dad, or an NBA player? What advice did they give you and how did they help you get to where you are today.

Jackson Vroman: My dad is definitely my hero. He's helped me along my entire basketball career..more off the court than on the court...but many of the lessons I get from him off the court work for me on the court.

Don Bell (Glendale): Has this injury given you an opportunity to better utilize the other hand or are you already ambidextrious?

Jackson Vroman: I'm somewhat ambidextrous, but I've definitely improved. It's been over two weeks of just using my left hand, on hook shots and things, I feel much stronger, much more confident with my left hand now.

Luka (Las Vegas): Hey Jackson, nice to have you on the Suns. I have been a Suns fan for many years, and I can't wait for the season to start. I was just wondering which position you feel more comfortable playing, PF or C?

Jackson Vroman: I feel more comfortable playing power forward, but if I am needed at center, I will be more than happy to do my best from that position too.

Jimmy(Phoenix): How is it playing with the likes of Amare (the man) Stoudemire and Shawn (Matrix) Marion, two great forwards, have you learned anything from them?

Jackson Vroman: I've learned lots of things from both of them, but you can't really learn the athleticism that they have.

Coach Judkins: How is your foul shooting % so far? I know at Snow College you shot the ball really well. Snow College is planning on retiring your #44 jersey. When could you come in for that special night? Now that you are making the big bucks can you help sponsor a scholarship? You are the man we love you Jax.

Jackson Vroman: My free throws were coming along great until I hurt my thumb. As for the jersey retirement, maybe around the Utah game, around Thanksgiving. As for the scholarship, we need to wait and see if there is a lockout next year and you can get back to me. (Laughing)

Josh-Phoenix: What NBA player past or present would you compare your game to?

Jackson Vroman: That's the toughest question I get. I have no idea, I never could answer this question well. Let's go with Jake Voskuhl.

Sam (Flagstaff): Have the veterans made the rookies do anything unusual or embarrassing at camp? Give us the scoop!

Jackson Vroman: (Laughing) Last night was the first night we had to do something, it was me and Yuta Tabuse and Yuta did a Japanese rap, and I just told a few jokes.

Jackson Vroman: Thanks to Coach Jenkins and Nick Smith and all my fans and all the Suns fans for posting questions today. I really appreciate it and I hope to help the Suns with an exciting season this year.