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H&R Block Second Look

Suns fans, are you sure your taxes were done correctly? With a Second Look® review from H&R Block, we'll review your taxes – prepared by you or others – for FREE at participating Phoenix locations.

If you didn't use H&R Block, you may not have received the maximum refund you're entitled to. Bring in your 2009, 2008, 2007 and/or 2006 return(s) for review by an H&R Block tax professional who will review them for accuracy and check to see if you claimed all eligible credits and deductions.

Second Look® Review can uncover other preparers' errors, and potentially bigger refunds. We find errors in 2 out of 3 tax returns prepared by other people.

Second Look includes a professional review of your original tax return and advice on what to do if variances are found. If your tax return is correct, or if you have H&R Block file a corrected return for you, we'll stand behind you in case you're audited. That's just part of the H&R Block Guarantee.

With a Second Look® Review you'll get:
  1. An affordable, professional review of your tax return
  2. Advice on what to do next if any variances are found
  3. H&R Block Guarantee coverage for penalties and interest repayment and audit assistance if your original return is correct or H&R Block files a corrected return for you.