Hornacek Talks Final Season Stretch

NBAE/Getty Images

Jeff Hornacek was a player. He gets it, gets that point of view, that feeling.

He’s also a coach, a position whose responsibilities include pushing players beyond certain feelings toward great levels of achievement.

Such was the dichotomy the Suns’ head coach described on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM on Wednesday. Phoenix is coming off a 2-1 road trip, though the lone loss is more jarring than usual due to the Suns’ efforts to keep pace in the Western Conference.

"…it's hard to blame these guys; these guys have done much better than anticipated. So as a player, you understand what they're going through, but as a coach you want it every night. But you understand that sometimes doesn't happen."

Hornacek has been adamant about taking this season’s schedule in doses, never looking ahead more than three or four games.

The coaches put the weight of more far-sighted goals on themselves, hoping that doing so will relieve the players of pressure and allow them to play freely.

Effort does come into play, however, something Hornacek wants to see more of as the season draws to a close.

"You've got to play like your backs are up against a wall because right now they are," Hornacek said. "We're a couple games back and again, as coaches probably the frustrating part is to know that that's the situation we're in.”