Hill Gives Credit to Mark West, Training Staff

Grant Hill is a popular guy these days.

Fresh off helping relaunch NBA Inside Stuff, the former Suns forward will continue to be the face behind the scenes across the league. With his unique combination of player history, NBA connections and camera-friendly demeanor, takes from the former All-Star are deemed as valuable as those from current league standouts.

Knowing that, BleacherReport.com recently caught up with Hill, who talked about a myriad of topics that included his time with the Suns, his NBA mentors and various key points of his career.

Here's a small sample of the interview:

Impact of the Phoenix Suns' esteemed training stuff in his later years: "They were great, especially working with (Dr.) Mike Clark. It was really good for me at that point in my career, coming off that situation in Orlando where I just struggled with injuries. Being able to go to Phoenix and be myself and play and get a lot of enjoyment from that, a lot of that was because I was able to stay healthy. They are the best; they treat the body as a whole. It's hard for me to explain, but it was great working with them. I was able to go from a guy who couldn't stay healthy to a guy who was basically an iron man for a few years. It was pretty cool."

His mentors as a rookie who are still good friends: "I had Joe Dumars. I had Johnny Dawkins. I had Mark West. Those were three guys early in my career that I played with in Detroit, and to this day, we are good friends. I was with Mark for about six years in Phoenix when he was in the front office. Johnny Dawkins is coaching at Stanford—he's been like a big brother to me through the years. Those are the types of guys that really had a meaningful impact and a great influence on me early in my career, throughout and even to the end."