Grantland’s Lowe: Suns Are Best Story in NBA

Barry Gossage/NBAE

In the latest sequence of early-season Suns praise, well-regarded NBA writer Zach Lowe ( threw a sizable bone Phoenix’s way in his latest written piece.

Despite the standings-topping presence of teams like the Blazers and Pacers, Lowe has been enchanted enough by the Suns’ early success to give them a heart-warming title found among his “10 Things I like and Don’t Like.”

“Apologies to the Blazers, but this is the best story in the league — the team too good to tank.”

Fair enough, though the team’s refusal to do lose games on purpose is just that: a conscious refusal. Crediting the talent as simply too good somewhat refutes the comments of several Suns players, all of whom have stressed the team is simply not good enough to take games or even plays off and still win.

Lowe doesn’t stop there, however, crediting nearly every rotation player on the team for his specific skill set and impact:

“Goran Dragic has never been better, and I'm not sure there are five craftier players in the league. He's not fast enough to just blow by opposing point guards, but he makes up for it with guile — shoulder fakes, hesitation dribbles, crossovers, head fakes, behind-the-back step-backs, whirling finishes in the lane. Just a delight.

Eric Bledsoe…is a beast. Miles Plumlee is hurting basketballs with his shot blocks, the Morris twins are making tough shots, and Channing Frye's shooting is forcing defenses into all sorts of painful contortions.”

Lowe is noticing the same things many observers have seen in recent weeks, but you have to appreciate his spin on them, particularly with Plumlee. The Suns big man was guilty of this offense just two games ago.