Grant Hill Opens Up About Life After Basketball

Grant Hill has never been confused as a basketball-or-bust human being. He has interests and endeavors off the court, many of which deserved his time and attention even while he was playing.

Yet even a well-rounded guy like Hill had to grapple with the transition from a lot of basketball to essentially none. He shared many of details of that transition in a contributed article on

Like most pro athletes, I have more than one dimension that defines me. For a long time I cast aside many things I wanted to do to concentrate on my career. Now, the difficulty I am having is trying to pace myself so that I'm not doing everything at once.

Hill likened his post-NBA life to a rookie season, with many of his former basketball predecessors serving as similar examples now. He credits Shaquille O'Neal, Steve Smith and Steve Kerr, among others, as those who were "models for my own careers as an athlete...and now as a broadcaster.".

The piece is more instructive than emotional, a helpful blueprint for other former athletes who may be struggling through the leap from the court/field to the sideline, press box or living room..

He concludes that his new job -- living his life -- is more valuable than the one that paid him millions over 18 years in the NBA.

Without the routines and rhythms of the NBA, I find there is no "typical" day in my life. Most weekdays, I carpool my kids to and from school, try to enforce the no eating rule in the back seat, return to school for my daughter's basketball practice three times a week, referee arguments, help with homework and participate more fully in my family's day-to-day life. By far, that is the most rewarding and most difficult job I have.