GQ Writer Tabs Suns as ‘Team of the Year’

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While several of the Suns are in the running for various NBA awards, there’s an unofficial one already being offered to the entire team.

Team of the Year.

Bethlehem Shoals of dedicated an entire piece to the Suns’ essentially dubbing them for capturing the spirit of what he feels NBA basketball is all about.

What the Suns did this year, other than put together a winning campaign that no one saw coming, was deliver a wake-up call to NBA observers: You don’t know everything, you don’t have to know everything, and sometimes, it’s a blast to sit back and just let the game take you places.

The Suns are hoping the game takes them to the playoffs before all is said and done, though they’ll need to win out and have Memphis lose out (two games left each, one against each other) to see that happen.

Even without the certainty of a playoff berth, however, Shoals didn’t hold back his praise for both the team as a whole or for nearly every individual on the roster.

In the end, his appreciation extends from the journey of this year’s team, not its end. Whatever that ends up being.

Under Jeff Hornacek, the Suns often seemed to be figuring out their style as they went along, a work-in-process without any one player willing to serve as the center of gravity. They were built like a lottery team and yet played with real purpose—the Headless Horseman of the 2013–14 NBA season.