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Suns Human Dunker to Appear on Ellen

Corrales trampolined himself into the national spotlight against the Bobcats on Jan. 26.
(Stefan Swiat/
Posted: Feb. 14, 2011

Phoenix Suns Verve Sol Patrol member Nick Corrales became an instant sensation when video from his infamous human dunk went viral reaching media outlets as far away as Australia.

On Tuesday, February 15, Corrales will be a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

He will talk about how he scored a basket using himself during a timeout in the third period of the Suns vs. Bobcats game on January 26 and the national attention he has since received.

The show will air at 4 p.m. (MST) locally on KPNX-TV Channel 12.

Click here to view his amazing human dunk.