Dragic: Suns Trade Beauty for Beards, Unity

Getty Images

Goran Dragic scratched the strands of a patchy beard, perhaps even unaware he was doing it even as he answered a question about his – and the rest of the team’s – more prominent facial hair.

“Wife is not too happy,” he laughed. “I’m not too happy. It’s itching me all the time. But you know, we’re a family here. We said everybody’s going to let it grow until the playoffs. So far it’s working. We’ve got five in a row.”

Fair enough, even if the beard-growing effort is more successful for some than others. When asked about the best/worst beards on the team, Dragic lumped himself into the latter category along with rookies Alex Len and Archie Goodwin.

“I’m probably the worst,” he laughed. “I’ve got hair and then nothing and then hair. I’ve got all those spots. [Archie and Alex don't] have much.”

Looks/comfort aside, Dragic said he and his teammates have thrown themselves willingly into their own “fear the beard” movement during the Suns’ playoff push. The effort has sparked a #GrowSuns social media movement as well, one that will continue until at least the end of the regular season (April 16).

“Maybe the beauty is suffering, but at the same time, the whole team is doing it,” Dragic joked.