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Chat Transcript: Quentin Richardson

Q chatted live with fans on Thursday.
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Shortly after securing one of the top point guards in the game in Steve Nash, Phoenix went out and took their "Q" from the Clippers, agreeing to a deal with up-and-coming shooting guard Quentin Richardson. The Clips did not match the Suns' offer and so the restricted free-agent became the second big signing for Phoenix in a busy and successful summer.

The DePaul product had a breakout season in Los Angeles last year, averaging career-highs in points (17.2), rebounds (6.2), assists (2.1) and minutes (36.0) in just his third NBA campaign. In addition to his all-around growth, the 24-year-old has become one of the best rebounding guards in the league and should fit in perfectly with the young, athletic squad already assembled in the Valley.

Signing Richardson also brought a bit of Hollywood to Phoenix. Days before officially joining the Suns' roster, he proposed to R&B sensation and sitcom star Brandy Norwood, who is looking forward to cheering on her fiancé at courtside of America West Arena this season.

The Suns' new chatted live with fans from Flagstaff, Ariz., the club's official Training Camp home. See what Q had to say about the first days of camp, coming to Phoenix and much more.

Zack (phx): What made you want to come to Phoenix?

Quentin Richardson: Its a great organization with a commitment to winning. I want to win.

LBJ(Phoenix): Q it's good too have more young talent added too our exciting team. What does the chemistry feel like at camp right now?

Quentin Richardson: Chemistry is getting good. We are going through two-a-days and we're getting close and getting on the same page.

Sam (paimio): What you think about your new head couch Mike D'Antoni?

Quentin Richardson: I like the Coach. He takes his time to explain things, and I agree with his methods, his thoughts on the game.

Chris(Bath): Quentin, you are an amazingly talented player! What do you feel your role is going to be on this revamped Suns roster?

Quentin Richardson: Just to contribute, go out there and be a vocal leader, play hard and be strong.

Riverside: Were you surprised when the Clippers didn't match the Suns' offer sheet?

Quentin Richardson: No, I wasn't surprised, but I was very happy.

Kev (Chicago): What's it like reuniting with former DePaul teammate Steven Hunter?

Quentin Richardson: Oh, man, it's a lot of fun. It's great to be back with him, lots of fun.

Aaron (Chicago): Hey Q: what's the biggest adjustment you have to make on the court switching from the clippers to the suns?

Quentin Richardson: Not much. We will be going up and down the court, running more with this team, but I'm cool with that.

Sean Kea (Chicago): Hey Q. How did you develop such a strong post game despite being a guard?

Quentin Richardson: I actually played power forward in grade school and in high school.

J (Los Angeles): Hey Q! I was a fan when you were in LA! How you liking Phoenix so far?

Quentin Richardson: I love it. It's a great city, with great weather and great people.

Luke (London): yo, Q what aspect of the game have u been working on to improve ur game in the off season?

Quentin Richardson: I been working on everything. I work on my body and my whole complete game.

Brian(Little Rock): Hey Q! What do you think of Joe Johnson? Can the 2 of you work well together at SG?

Quentin Richardson: Yeah, I think Joe has a great game and we have a good chemistry and relationship off the court, and I think we can fit real well on the court too. I think Joe can be great player.

Rebecca Kluch (T-dot, ontario): hey q, first of all congratz on the engagement to brandy. im so happy for you both. i just want to know if you have any pre game rituals taht you perform before your games?

Quentin Richardson: Thank you for the nice words, but I don't have any pregame rituals or anything like that.

Eelke Buiter, Rotterdam (The Netherlands): Yo, what made you more nervous, shooting big shots or proposing to Brandy?

Quentin Richardson: Ha (Laughing) That's easy....proposing!

Marcus (Texas): I heard you were a monster in the weight room. What does your typical workout consist of.

Quentin Richardson: I'm not really a monster in the weight room, you'd be surprised I don't do alot of heavy stuff...I do lots of repetitions of lighter stuff.

Sham(London): hey Quentin. I think phoenix has a great team this year. How do u feel about playing with steve nash?

Quentin Richardson: I think that's a great opportunity for me. He's an All-Star caliber point guard and I look forward to playing with him and learning from him.

Brett (san jose, Ca): What's up Q.... As you start fresh in Phoenix tell me where you want to make your impact felt on this team? What are we gonna see from Q that we haven't seen before in a Suns uniform?

Quentin Richardson: Hopefully, you'll see me winning more.

Bobby (Algonac, MI): What was it like being in the movie "Van Wilder" with former Clipper teammates Michael Olowokandi and Darius Miles?

Quentin Richardson: Man, that was just fun, doing silly stuff and hanging around the set.

Raffaele (Italy): Hi Q. I'm a big Suns fan and very exited about having you in a Suns uniform. How is Camp so far? How is it to have your former head coach as an assistant coach and what role did Alvin play in you coming to Phoenix?

Quentin Richardson: Camp is going cool. It's cool having Coach Gentry here, because we know eachother and have a good relationship. From what I understand, he played a role in my coming here, and I'm happy about that.

Rolls (Kearny, NJ): The Suns seem to have a good team on paper, but how long will it take for yourself, Nash, Amare, and Marion to come together on the court.

Quentin Richardson: I think that's gonna be the big thing, how fast will we gel? Things are going well now, but we need to continue to gel. Who knows how far we can go, but I think if we gel we can surprise some people.

Quentin Richardson: Thanks to the fans, I appreciate your interest and we are working hard at camp so we can come out ready to win games for the Phoenix Suns this season. Thanks again.
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