Big Year From Bledsoe, Suns Featured on

Barry Gossage/NBAE

Eric Bledsoe is a hot topic on Monday, and rightly so. The Suns’ point guard is one of the leading candidates for Most Improved Player of the Year, and that improvement has come after leaving the team he’ll be playing tonight, the Los Angeles Clippers.

Further highlighting tonight’s matchup is the fact that just a game and a half seperates the Pacific Division-leading Clippers from the Suns, making tonight’s first regular season meeting between the teams one worth watching.’s Ramona Shelburne joined the pre-game buzz with a feature on the big step up taken by both Bledsoe and the Suns this season. Interviews with Bledsoe, Head Coach Jeff Hornacek and General Manager Ryan McDonough were all employed to give Phoenix plenty of internet love to start off the week, including the following from the Suns’ point guard:

"I'm finally getting an opportunity to play through my mistakes. It feels great. Just playing, period…I was trying to do so much in the little time I had. Some plays I'd try to do too much. Now I get to just play."

Shelburne’s piece also includes behind-the-scenes glimpses into Bledsoe’s path to the NBA, the start to the McDonough-Hornacek dynamic within the Suns’ organization, and how Phoenix has turned preseason expectations upside-down.

One repeated dynamic behind the Suns’ acquisition of Bledsoe and the team’s turnaround in general is a philosophy cited by McDonough, one that punctuates the boldness of the team’s new style of play and management:

“As we say around here, 'Just because you haven't done it before, doesn't mean you can't do it.”