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2012 NBA Draft Profile: Jeremy Lamb

JEREMY LAMB, UCONN, 6-5, 179 lbs., Shooting guard

Lamb became just the sixth sophomore in Connecticut history to reach the 1,000-point plateau. Lamb led UConn in scoring and was a First-Team All-Big East selection.

Last season, the 6-5 shooting guard averaged 17.7 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 1.7 apg, 2.0 tpg and 1.2 spg a game on 48-percent shooting from the floor and 34-percent shooting from downtown. Lamb’s average of 37.2 minutes played per game was second in school history, just behind Kemba Walker’s 37.6.

Suns Director of Player Personnel John Treloar's Take: Coming out of UCONN, as I looked at him a year ago in his freshman year, I thought he was a key piece to them winning the national championship. He has very good size. Once Kemba Walker left and came into the draft, things didn’t go as well for him in the evaluation that I saw. Coach Calhoun wasn’t with the team for stretches because of his health situation, and it was a tough year for them after coming off the national championship. Their leader was gone and I didn’t feel that Jeremy had the kind of year as a sophomore that he had as a freshman. But from a 2-guard standpoint, he has really good size and can score the basketball.