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The Kevin Johnson Years

The Re-Retirement - On Aug. 8, 2000, Kevin Johnson announced his re-retirement from the game of basketball.

  • KJ chats online about his post-basketball career

    Enjoying the Return - After retiring two years prior, Kevin Johnson enjoyed his brief return to the sport. Published April 4, 2000.

  • April 5, 2000: KJ participates in NBA media teleconference
  • KJ's new role will evolve

    One More Assist - In a stunning move, Suns alum Kevin Johnson announced that he was coming out of retirement to assist his injury-plagued former ballclub.

  • March 23, 2000: KJ press conference transcript

    Tour of Duty - Retired for two years, Kevin Johnson received a call for help from his former ballclub and returned to action in his familiar No. 7 for one last assist. Reprinted from May 2000 issue.

    Another Go - The competitive desire that made Kevin Johnson one of the NBA's all-time great point guards motivated him to hold off retirement a little longer and return for the 1997-98 season. Published July 1997.

    More Than a Player - In his column, Suns President and CEO Jerry Colangelo, writes about a special person on and off the hardwood - Kevin Johnson. Reprinted from April, 1997 issue.

    Going Out on Top - In this interview with the Suns' legend, KJ talks about his plans to retire and what lies ahead. Excerpts reprinted from April, 1997 issue.

    One More Climb - With the final season of his career approaching, Johnson prepared to make it his best. Reprinted from November 1996 issue

    The Spirit of Giving - As a young child, Kevin Johnson learned to assist those less fortunate - something he has continued to do throughout his life. Reprinted from December 1995 issue.

    Golden Summer - Kevin Johnson and his Suns teammate Dan Majerle had a fun summer in 1994. They both won a gold medal as members of Dream Team II. Reprinted from Sept./Oct. 1994 issue.

    Quicksilver - Everyone knows that when Suns point guard Kevin Johnson is healthy, he is nearly unstoppable. Reprinted from February 1994 issue.