Morris Twins Making National Media See Double

The national media is finally starting to see double, something local scribes and fans have been experiencing since last March.

The reason is the Morri (probably know them better Markieff and Marcus Morris) are playing together on the Suns roster and their twinning ways are starting to pay dividends on the court.

The newest member to join the “and TWINNNS!” bandwagon is Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports, who wrote a column about the two being reunited and it feeling so good. The piece even landed the two on the front page of on Friday morning.

Their time apart lasted an NBA season and a half in their nearly 24 years of life. But even that short chapter seemed like an eternity for identical twins Markieff and Marcus Morris. Now reunited with the Phoenix Suns, they are on a united mission to remain teammates the rest of their NBA careers. "We vowed that we work so hard that it will never happen again," Markieff Morris said. "You never know how it will happen or how it's going to go. We are cherishing this time."

In addition to the typical storylines surrounding the two brothers being reunited, Spears delves into the unique opportunity both have playing together and how it may be a once in a lifetime thing.

Shortly before the start of this season, the Suns exercised the $2.9 million contract options of both brothers for next season. Prior to the decision, Babby, new Suns general manager Ryan McDonough and new Suns coach Jeff Hornacek met with the twins to remind them about the uniqueness of their situation and what they expected from each. "We told them, 'This is what you guys asked for. This is a one-time opportunity,' " Babby said.

So congrats, Marcus and Markieff. Not only did you get the franchise some national attention, you also gave a reason to use as many bad twin puns as possible.