He's the leading beast of the mascot jungle, a furry frequent flier who wows the crowds with his dunking prowess. The Phoenix Suns Gorilla, the dean of NBA mascots, has been entertaining Suns fans since 1980 and is now a worldwide ambassador for the Suns and the NBA.

In addition to attending all Phoenix Suns home games, his list of appearances include visits to Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom - not to mention the various trips around the United States for sports events ranging from basketball to baseball to hockey.

Despite this rigorous schedule, the banana-loving primate still finds time to visit schools throughout Arizona. The Gorilla even started his own reading incentive program, "Book the Gorilla", in which kids are asked to write an action-packed story for him to share with other schools.

The Gorilla not only travels to schools throughout Arizona, but he also appears at a variety of other functions as well. Whether it is bringing laughs and signing autographs to help support a local charity event, or backflipping his way to a Grand Opening, The Gorilla does it all. Itís a SLAM DUNK everytime he makes an appearance. You could even say he is the MVP for the community.

His athletic ability legendary, and his untamed antics loved by crowds worldwide, have propelled the Gorilla to the top -- you might even say he's the King of the NBA's Beasts.

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