AAU Basketball: The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, sports organizations in the United States.

AAU Basketball in Arizona: The Arizona division of the Amateur Athletic Union.

Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA): Established in 1925, the AIA is dedicated to ensuring fair and equitable competition in interscholastic activities.

Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA: The NBA Junior league’s website.


The Coaching Corner: Provides valuable information, tools and resources to enable youth sport coaches to be better informed, more organized and more professional in their communications and interactions with their players, parents and association.

The Y-Coach : Can save a youth coach valuable time searching the web for coaching information that is geared towards the young athlete. In four years, this site has gone from a couple of simple pages about coaching to more than 150 pages of drills and information about youth coaching.

Sports, Basketball, Coaching: An extensive on-line youth basketball coaching resource with search engine tips and links.


Youth Sports: You will find helpful information, advice and instructional products that will help you the parents, coaches and children involved in youth sports.

Infosports: Here you will find tournament listings; teams looking for tournaments, players, and games; a message board; and Coach Ed Riley's book Coaching Youth Basketball.

Powerbasketball: Monthly articles have featured topics such as establishing a sound zone defense, motion offense basics, full court press tips, and proper applications of sports psychology. Knowledge base consists of monthly coaching articles, a drill database, coaching tips, high school recruiting news, and product reviews.

The Basketball Highway: Features include Peak Performance, Playground Pointers, Ask the Coach, on-line clinics, Scouting News and Coaching Playbook.

Kids Firsts in Sports: The Center for Kids FIRST in Sports is a national resource for young athletes, parents, league administrators, coaches, and other adults who care about the influence of organized youth sports on child development, families, schools, and violence.

SI For Kids: Here in the Game Zone Jr. Suns/Jr. Mercury members can chose from more than 40 interactive video games to play. Visitors can play against children from across the country and they can check to see where they rank on the site's high scores section.

Gorilla Games Index: Here in the Gorilla Games Index Jr. Suns/Jr. Mercury members can chose to play interactive video games, watch a Gorilla cartoon or test their minds by trying to complete word searches and crossword puzzles.


Character Counts: CHARACTER COUNTS! is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian coalition of schools, communities and nonprofit organizations working to advance character education by teaching the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

Pursuing Victory With Honor: The "Summit on Youth Sports" sought to embed sportsmanship in all children's athletics, and that's where most people initially encounter it. Individuals who learn to put honorable behavior first in childhood are more likely to do so as teens and adults.