2008 Phoenix Suns Overnight Basketball Camp Became a Big Success!

By: Kelly Brillhart, Jrsuns.com
Posted: August 7, 2008

Smiles and eagerness filled the cafeteria as registration began at Pine Summit Camp two hours north of Phoenix. Each year the Phoenix Suns hold an overnight basketball camp in the beautiful mountains of Prescott. On Friday, July 25 over 280 campers were packed and ready for an adventurous weekend of entertainment and basketball.

At the end of registration, every camper received a jersey and a gym bag filled with goodies such as a mini autographed basketball, hat, t-shirt, and a Jr. Suns basketball. Instantly basketballs were thumping and smiles were placed on the faces of all the youngsters.

Each camper was divided by age group and placed into cabin. Numerous cabins were filled with close friends and family members making the entire camp experience more comforting and memorable for the campers. On a daily basis, the campers worked with a highly skilled staff that concentrated on various skill forming techniques and activities. They were also taught the importance of working together as a team along with maintaining a positive attitude.

During the opening ceremony, The Gorilla and guest speakers such as Suns broadcaster Tom Leander, Suns guard DJ Strawberry, and assistant coach Alvin Gentry thrilled the crowd with helpful pointers and entertainment. Beforehand, the campers had the opportunity to personally meet and get signed autographs from each guest speaker. However, the campers were surprised with additional guest speakers throughout the weekend. Suns alumni Scott Williams, Mark West and Eddie Johnson, along with Suns forward Alando Tucker, assistant coach Dan Majerle, general manager Steve Kerr and the Phoenix Mercury’s Allie Quigley provided special instruction, signed autographs, and participated in the closing ceremony and championship games.

As camp began to dwindle down, The Gorilla, Adio Sol Patrol, Hairy and Hairyson put on an entertaining closing ceremony. The crowd roared with anticipation as they performed acrobatic, high flying dunks. However, the most entertaining moment was when the campers received their awards. As many parents would say, “Nothing can be more important than walking away with a memorable achievement.”

Without a helpful staff, the campers wouldn’t have had a fun, rewarding, and exciting weekend. Campers will never forget the free time, snacks, meal time in the cafeteria, and the beautiful weather! Given the fun activities, free gifts, awards, entertainment, and autographs, the campers were provided with an unforgettable weekend away from home.

For more information about the camps, please call (602) 594-CAMP or e-mail: Camps@Suns.com.