The Memorable 2009 Winter YMCA Championship Games

By: Allison Leach,
Posted: April 3rd, 2009

As the winter basketball season comes to an end, it was time for the YMCA Jr. Suns to duke it out on the center court of U.S. Airways Center for their championship games. The YMCA Jr. Suns Championship Games took place on March 2nd and March 6thfor D1, D2 and D3 leagues. Along with the championship games there were 3 Point Contests taking place on the Practice Court.

The YMCA Jr. Suns/ Jr. Mercury had the opportunity to play on the main court of U.S. Airways Center for their championship games. The arena offered all the sights and sounds of a regular game which made it entertaining not only for the participants, but for the crowd as well.

The 3 Point Contest took place on the Phoenix Suns Practice Court on Monday, March 2nd. Each player that participated was timed for 45 seconds with designated spots on the court to shoot from. Players collected points by making baskets from these designated spots.

The winter 2009 YMCA championship games were a noteworthy experience not only for the Jr. Suns participants, but for the spirited, supportive family members and friends that watched them compete.

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