2008 Phoenix Suns Basketball Day Camp Became a Big Hit!

By Kelly Brillhart, Jrsuns.com
Posted: July 22nd, 2008

The glow of young camper’s faces shined with eagerness and excitement as they walked into the Thunderbird High School's main gymnasium. Sunday, June 29 marked the first day of the most memorable week of summer for many youngsters.

Camp began with registration where each camper received a jersey to wear throughout the week and a gym bag filled with goodies such as a mini autographed basketball, hat, t-shirt, and a Jr. Suns basketball. With approximately 380 kids attending camp, a “mini draft” was hosted in order to divide the teams up by age group and skill level.

Each year the Phoenix Suns Basketball Day Camp provides various skill forming techniques and activities for the campers to take away from the week. Nevertheless, the coaches were key ingredients to the camp experience by teaching their campers the importance of working together and maintaining a positive attitude.

With two years of experience with the Phoenix Suns Basketball Day camp, Anita Hughes and her husband were pleased to discuss their daughter’s experience. Through the positive feedback and encouragement from their daughter’s coach the camp continued to be a huge success for the Hughes family.

“It was last year when I noticed how the camp has taken her to the next level,” Anita said.

The campers also had the opportunity to receive autographs and learn a few new techniques used by Phoenix Suns alumni Mark West, Tim Kempton, Eddie Johnson, and Cedric Ceballos, Phoenix Suns rookie Robin Lopez, Assistant Coaches Alvin Gentry and Dan Majerle, and General Manager Steve Kerr. This gave the campers the chance to personally connect with the guest speakers by participating in their lessons. In addition, Assistant Coach Dan Majerle excited the crowd by presenting his skills and techniques to the entire camp.

Robin Lopez, the new addition to the Phoenix Suns, spoke about his past experience as a basketball player. His main goal was to encourage the campers to never give up and follow their dreams.

“Work your hardest and take advantage of every opportunity you get,” Lopez said.

Thursday, July 3 marked the last day of camp, which included an award ceremony and entertainment from the Gorilla, Sol Patrol, Hairy and Hairyson.

Given the fun activities, free gifts, awards, entertainment, and signed autographs, the campers were provided with an enjoyable and active week. This could be seen on a mother’s face as she watched her 12-year-old son from the stands. As a first year attendant to the Phoenix Suns Basketball Day Camp, she was thrilled to say that the camp had been a positive experience so far. Her son was given the opportunity to make new friends and become a more experienced basketball player.

The Phoenix Suns Basketball Day Camp would not have been a big hit without a helpful staff, encouraging parents, and driven campers. With each piece of the puzzle put together, the Phoenix Suns Basketball Day Camp was a huge success!

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