Michael Jordan on '93

Posted: June 4, 2003

Before his final game in Phoenix on March 21, then-Washington Wizards guard Michael Jordan took a few minutes to talk with reporters at America West Arena and reflected on his time in the Valley as a minor league baseball player and on competing against the Suns as a member of the Chicago Bulls during the 1993 NBA Finals. The following is an excerpt from that media availability session...

Question: Talk about coming back to this building and this city for the last time.

Jordan: It’s always fun to come back to Phoenix. I mean, we had some battles here, the playoffs in ’93. It was the stomping grounds for Charles Barkley. Walter Davis was one of my idols and, obviously, I’ve had some battles with Phoenix. So, it’s fun to come back, especially when there’s snow and cold back east. But yet, you have to come out and focus on your job. You can’t just fall in love with the weather. You’ve got a job to do and you’ve got to go and do your job. But the memories that I have here are always fond memories, very competitive memories.

Question: What are your memories of the 1993 NBA Finals, in particular? This year marks the 10th anniversary of that championship series with the Suns.

Jordan: (Smiles) Sure. I remember Charles Barkley thinking that it was destiny for them to win. I don’t know what he was looking at, but that was his belief. That was his motivation. That was what everybody believed here in Phoenix, that things were meant to be a certain way. And they were meant to be certain way, just not in their favor.

Question: Was it fun playing against Charles for the championship?

Jordan: Oh yeah. It was fun. I knew I was going to win (laughs).