One-on-One with Stephon Marbury

Marbury Marbury is motivated to take the Suns to another level.

Saying Stephon Marbury is pumped for the start of the 2002-03 season might be an understatement.

The team's top playmaker was a regular at the Suns' informal workouts last month and showed no signs of the lingering ankle pains that prevented him from playing at full strength last season.

In addition to planning his summer wedding and busy charity event schedule this offseason, Marbury diligently rehabbed his surgically repaired ankles in Los Angeles.

In his first season with the Suns in 2001-02, Marbury finished as the team's go-to scorer with 20.4 points and 8.1 assists per game, but even he would admit, he'd gladly trade those numbers for a playoff run this season. Watching his former club, the Nets, advance to the 2002 NBA Finals has Marbury even more motivated to push the Suns to another level this season.

The sixth-year pro took your questions on the upcoming season and on Suns Training Camp in a live chat from Flagstaff, Ariz., on Wed., Oct. 2.

Brian (chandler): how was your honeymoon?

Stephon Marbury: Honeymoon was nice. It was shortened by the hurricane that came by, but other than that, it was nice.

zack, pho: How do you think Amare and Casey will fair in the league this season? Are you a mentor to them and how have you helped them along the way?

Stephon Marbury: Yes, I'm a mentor to them. I think they'll do alright. Amare is learning the game. As far as Casey, he went to college and has a better feel of some of the things that go on in the NBA.

Emilio (Perth): Hey Stephon, What's your thoughts on new coach Frank Jonhson? Can the Suns' be consistent this year?

Stephon Marbury: I think we can be consistent. Coach Johnson is doing a great job of being a leader for us. He's helping me to be a leader by doing some things that he's doing.

Dave, Omaha Legend: Who came up with the name Starbury?

Stephon Marbury: Starbury was given to me by the newspaper when I was in high school because I was in the newspaper and TV so many times.

John Blaze, vancouver: how old was u when u started lifting weights

Stephon Marbury: I lifted weights my senior year in high school. But I really go into it in my second year in the NBA.

Julian (NJ): Hey Steph! Redundant question, but do you hold anything against the Nets for trading you and not Keith? Thanks and good luck this season!

Stephon Marbury: No, I don't. It's the NBA.

David (Santa Barbara): hey stephon, first off i wish you luck on the upcoming season. my question is, what is your motivation and push for the upcoming season going to be? and second, how far do you thing the sungs will get this year? thanks and good luck!

Stephon Marbury: My motivation this year is to win this year and play as hard as I can on both ends of the court. I don't have a prediction, I just want to live in the present and take one game at a time.

gogo, new york: steph, love your handle but who did you love watching handle the rock growing up?

Stephon Marbury: Kenny Anderson.

hank, : has the transition from minnesota to new jersey and finally to phoenix been a maturing process?

Stephon Marbury: I wouldn't say it's a maturing process because i had nothing to do with the trade. They trade you because they want to, I didn't ask to be traded. It was more of a reality check than anything.

Brooklyn NY: Steph, just wanted 2 know whats the biggest change youve made in the off season 2 improve your game...

Stephon Marbury: This year I worked on a lot more catch and shoot. I worked on a lot of stepbacks on the weakside and I also worked on my runner.

dee dee, st.paul : do you have any routines before a game to get ready?

Stephon Marbury: Not really, I differ. I may do something for three games and then do something different.

Bice (NYC): Hey Stephon -- I read that Joe Johnson may play some point guard at times to allow you to be more aggressive offensively. What do you think of that idea?

Stephon Marbury: Wherever the coach wants me to play, that's the position I'm going to play.

JAY-MO(BK): How are your ankles and hamstring?

Stephon Marbury: Great!

harvey(Jackson): Marbury i think your the bestpoint guard in the league, who are some other top point guards, in your eyes?

Stephon Marbury: I think Gary Payton is good, Jason Kidd is good, Steve Francis, Steve Nash, Baron Davis...everybody's good.

Steve (Phoenix AZ): Stephon besides Casey who else can hit the 3's thanks

Stephon Marbury: I think Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion, those guys can hit some threes.

Dan (Phx): I read about the crazy things Casey had to do yesterday being the rookie. What were some of the crazy things you had to do as being a rookie? GO SUNS!

Stephon Marbury: I didn't have to do anything crazy like that. I basically jsut did chores, bringing the balls up and down before and after practice and sometimes I had to carry the bags.


Stephon Marbury: I think they're going to make contributions. I don't think people should expect them to be impact players, but they have the potential to come in and help.

KurianMan (NY): Do you see yourself ending your career with the Suns.

Stephon Marbury: I don't know what the future holds.

Stephon Marbury: I'd just like to say God bless everybody. This year will be an exciting one.

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